Gratitude Month & Other CCC News
Thank you for supporting the Harvest Feast!
First, many thanks to all who supported the third annual Harvest Feast at The Patio Cafe on October 20.  We owe a special debt of gratitude to Les Natali and Larry Metzger of The Patio Cafe', chef Jimmy Jardine and his entire crew at JJardine Catering & Events, hostess Precious Moments, entertainer Veronica Klaus, and all the volunteers and donors too numerous to name here.

Congratulations to longtime CCC volunteer Ric West, who was presented with the Dan Cusick Service Award, and Zachary Davenport, who received the Board Legacy Award for his prodigious fundraising in support of the CCC. The dinner and silent auction raised over $16,000 to support the ongoing work of the Castro Country Club!
Harvest Feast 2012
The Harvest Feast 2012 at the Patio Cafe' (photo by Mike Shriver)
Thank you for your patience on the remodel...
The CCC Advisory Board and staff continue working closely with the architect and landlord on plans for retrofitting the building and remodeling the Castro Country Club. At the present time, there is no clear date for when the work will begin, but it will most likely be at least March 2013. Contingency plans are being developed for temporarily relocating CCC operations elsewhere in the neighborhood for several weeks.

Please note:
the CCC will provide all groups that meet at the Club with a minimum of one month's notice of the date of the move and of the venue where we will be temporarily relocating. We do not anticipate any disruption to meetings or other ongoing activities of the Castro Country Club. Thank you for your support and patience. Please direct all questions to the CCC manager at

Thank you for supporting Gratitude Month!

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The outpouring of community support during last year's capital campaign made it possible for the Castro Country Club to embark on a long-term lease with the new landlord and to remodel the CCC space to better suit the community's needs. And our ongoing monthly and annual donors are helping the CCC to reach our goal of long-term sustainability.

With a $215 thousand annual budget, we are not a large nonprofit, especially considering the thousands of people who utilize the Club each month. But just 60% of our budget comes from the coffee bar and meeting room rentals, while the rest must be raised with small donations from individuals like you. The Castro Country Club has been a rock for the LGBT recovery community for three decades, a place where newcomers can find sobriety and oldtimers can keep it by giving it away. That's why we're calling November Gratitude Month at the CCC.

We encourage all who attend meetings this month at the CCC to put an extra dollar in the basket so that groups can send 7th Tradition contributions to the district level for their fellowship. And we hope that you can also give extra support to the Castro Country Club.

Dozens of CCC supporters currently give anywhere from $10 to $250 monthly, or even more annually. If you can afford it, please consider joining them now by making a tax-deductible donation by clicking here:
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Also check out our "thank you" gift packages! If you have any questions about our donor program, please write to

More News & Events - November 2012

THRIFT STORE DRIVE - Saturday November 17
Drop off your gently used clothes, coats, household goods, small appliances, books and whatnots at the Castro Country Club at 4058 18th Street at Hartford on Saturday November 17 from 12 noon to 5:00pm.  
Our friends at Re:Action Foundation will have a truck ready to receive your donations, which they will recycle to local thrift stores. Proceeds will benefit the CCC! 

MASCARA - Saturday November 17
Limited seating! Arrive early!
THANKSGIVING POTLUCK - Thursday November 22
Sign up at CCC to bring a dish, or help with set-up or clean-up.
All are welcome!
BITCH! YOU BETTA WERQ! - Saturday December 1
A finger-licking dragalicious benefit at Gussies Chicken & Waffles for the CCC!
For more info, click here.

In April 2013, the Castro Country Club fellowship will be celebrating 30 years of service to the recovery community of San Francisco. If you have a knack for graphic design, enter our 30th Anniversary Logo Design Contest! Deadline for submissions: Friday, December 7, 2012!
The CCC AB meets Tuesday November 13, 7:00pm at CCC. All are welcome. This month's meeting will be very brief. Check out notes from monthly meetings at


For a complete listing of meetings and events, visit our website or

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