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December 2012
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ease in writing?
"Ease in writing" comes from a poem by Alexander Pope, the British poet:
True ease in writing comes from art, not chance, 
As those move easiest who have learn'd to dance. 
Note he (and I) didn't say "easy writing." But just as dance lessons can help get you around the floor more gracefully, the goal for this newsletter is to share a tip or two to improve your writing.

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A Holiday Wish 
I hope 2012 has been a good year, and you followed through on at least a few of your new year's resolutions.

More importantly, I hope it has been a time for personal and professional fulfillment, and that you feel optimistic about the year to come.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy 2013,

Paula Tarnapol Whitacre
Full Circle Communications 
Catching Up on a Year of Writing Tips

Hourglass In Ease in Writing, I cover one subject a month, often based on my own or a colleague's question. Thank you for your suggestions and feedback throughout the year.

If you missed an issue, or if a topic has greater relevance to you now than when first published, peruse the Ease in Writing archives or read a specific issue. Here's a rundown of what we covered in 2012:

"Write-able" Resolutions for 2012 (January)
  • 10 ways to improve your writing, from "revising one more time" to "scheduling an artist's date that does not involve words."

Writing "About Us" (February)

  • How to improve the "About Us" section of your website  

Writing Fabulous FAQs (March) 

  • Seven ways to make the Frequently Asked Questions of your website better serve users
  • Keeping bios consistent in a way that reflects your organization's brand
  • Two bloggers share tips on how to write and maintain a blog that readers will seek out
  • The blogging experts return, this time with suggestions on growing an audience 
Plain Language Writing: What Do You Differently (July)
  • Practical ways to incorporate the requirements of the Plain Writing Act into your writing, whether you're governed by the act or not 
Julia & Paula (August)
  • An update on my project to transcribe and annotate the Civil War diary of abolitionist Julia Wilbur
Effective E-Mails (September)
  • An e-mail expert shares techniques to communicate more effectively via email  
  • Recommendations from a PR expert
  • A concept from usability and information design, applied to writing
Any topics you'd like to see covered in 2013?

Let me know! Either I will draw on my own knowledge and experience, or I'll seek out an expert with tips to share.
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