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How Do You Master Habits?
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March 23, 2015


When it comes to achieving the goals you crave, it often comes down to making and breaking habits.

While researching happiness for her best-selling books, "The Happiness Project" and "Happier at Home," Gretchen Rubin recognized that good habits pave the way for growth and, ultimately, happiness. She became fascinated with how we can build our habits on the foundation of our own nature.


In her new book, "Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives," Rubin shares these tips:
  • Understand which of the Four Tendencies is most dominant to determine how you respond to expectations. Upholder meets outer and inner
    expectations, Questioner resists outer and meets inner expectations, Obliger meets outer and resists inner expectations and Rebel resists outer and inner expectations. According to Rubin, the happiest and
    most successful people are not necessarily one of these four tendencies but, instead, they have found ways to exploit the benefits and counterbalance the limitations of their personality type. 
    I tend to be more of an Obliger, quick to meet outer expectations while resisting inner expectations. When I was writing "Working with Wisdom," I knew I had to get into the habit of researching, writing and editing to get it done. Only when I focused on the impact my book would have on others did I commit to those habits. To determine your type, go to
  • Pair an enjoyable activity with one you struggle to accomplish. For example, Rubin only allows herself to read magazines when working out on a cardio machine at the gym.
  • Think convenience and inconvenience. That's why pre-measured healthy snacks make sense to promote weight loss. If you want to get up earlier, simply keep your alarm clock across the room so you can't
    roll over and hit the snooze button.


What strategies do you use to master habits?  Share your wisdom on my Facebook Page or reply back to me. I love hearing from you!

To Your Wisdom, 

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Do you want to advance your career, get healthier or spend more time with your family? Do you wish there was an easier way to stay positive and focused?

Join me on Thursday, April 23, from 7:30 to 10 am at Fernbank Museum in Atlanta as I present "CRAVE Your Goals!" at the Network of Executive Women Atlanta Learning Event. 



LinkedIn Wisdom
Molloy Communications  
Way before I was a professional speaker, I was a marketing consultant. In fact, I started Molloy Communications when I was just a child back in 1988. 

While I focus mostly on speaking these days, there is one area of marketing I continue to do because it's so rewarding for me and in demand by professionals who want to get noticed. I audit LinkedIn profiles. That means I recommend ways to make your profile more effective and write compelling copy and client testimonials to set you apart.

Since you're probably on LinkedIn, I share a strategy each week to help ensure your profile is the best reflection of you.

LinkedIn Wisdom #6: Groups 
You can follow up to 50 groups and you should choose that many to widen your network. The secret is to select just a few of the most active and pertinent ones to receive daily or weekly email updates. That way, you can keep up with these posts and engage when appropriate without being inundated with email clutter. 


Have You Heard What They're Saying?
"Simple but brilliant! That's Tricia Molloy's 'Work-Life Balance Wisdom' program. 


"Tricia spoke to more than 600 AT&T employees at our headquarters in Dallas and via webcast to AT&T offices throughout the country. She got us to think about our lives in a different way. Her empowering message struck a chord with so many of us, regardless of our level or lifestyle. We followed up the event with a book giveaway to encourage participants to improve their balance by making conscious choices-like cleaning out technical clutter and using positive affirmations. 


"Even a respected senior executive who is known for her commitment to balance said she learned some new strategies that she'll apply right away."
Tiffany Jenkins, Director of Audit Services


Hire a Speaker Who Inspires Success!
Tricia Molloy is a leadership speaker on work-life balance and professional development through wise business practices.

Her Working with Wisdom programs, CRAVE Your Goals!, DESIGN Your Ideal Life! and Work-Life Balance Wisdom, inspire people to be more positive, proactive and productive so they can achieve their priority goals faster and easier.

They are available as employee development talks, workshops and webinars, and conference keynotes. Join organizations like Kimberly-Clark, IBM, The Home Depot and the Project Management Institute and benefit from these innovative programs.

Tricia also offers one-on-one Wisdom Mentoring for women entrepreneurs and professionals.

Learn More and Schedule Your Program


Special Working with Wisdom Offer

WwW BookWhen you purchase Working with Wisdom as a paperback or ebook on my website, you'll receive the MP3 audio book free. Just write "audio book" in the instructions section when you check out. 

Each track is a separate chapter or principle and designed to inspire you on your daily commute or walk. 

You can also download the CRAVE
Your Goals! and DESIGN Your Ideal



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