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November 13, 2013


Founded in 1984 to bring people from the 
TEDworlds of Technology, Entertainment and Design together so they can share ideas worth spreading, TED events and their videos have inspired millions to make a difference in our world and our own backyards. If you're new to TED or want a refresher, I recommend starting here with "The 15 Ted Talks That Will Change Your Life."
Last week, I attended my second independently organized TEDxPeachtree event. At this gathering, I got to support my friend and fellow speaker Lisa McLeod as she brilliantly presented the Triangle of Truth and the power of noble purpose. 


A lawyer turned Lego artist showed us how he creates amazingly life-like, emotion-packed commissioned and museum pieces from those colorful toy blocks. An entrepreneur who started a website where people could donate their partially used gift cards challenged us to consider how we can share our excess so those suffering can have enough. The topics ran the gamut from the price of adult illiteracy to the proliferation of the sex trafficking trade. 


Large-scale portrait artist Rossin (these are paintings, not photographs) said something that continues to resonate with me.  "We paint our portrait on the canvas of society. Grace is the light that comes from within. Be graceful with others and, most importantly, with yourself." To me, grace is kindness, patience and compassion. His words have made me step up my game when it comes to expressing that grace. Once these videos are up, I will share their links with you.
My question to you is, what are your ideas worth spreading?  You don't necessarily have to get on a TED or TEDx stage--although that's my intention for 2014! It could be shutting off the television tonight and having a thoughtful conversation with your spouse or family. At the office, when the water-cooler chat turns inevitably to gossip and complaints, you could be the one who elevates the talk to something more worthwhile. They say talk is cheap and it often is. It's up to you to make your talk, your ideas enlightening, uplifting and empowering.


What's your idea worth spreading or favorite TED talk? Share it on my Facebook page or reply back to me. I love hearing from you!


To Your Wisdom, 



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