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October 18, 2013




Looking for a Job or Know Someone Who Is?
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Wednesday, November 13: "How to Avoid Being Discouraged While Finding Your Ideal Job."
I'll share how to use the five CRAVE steps to stay positive and increase your chances for success.

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Searching for a new job can be one of the most challenging want ads and emotional experiences of your life. Polishing up your resume and tapping into your network of contacts are two key strategies. However, it also pays to focus on your "inner work"--like what you say to yourself.


When you capitalize on the power of your subconscious mind and your own wisdom, you'll have the clarity, confidence and commitment you need.


You might be looking for your ideal job or more ideal clients or business opportunities. Or you might want to excel at the job you have. Here are three simple strategies to support your success.

  1. Clean Out the Clutter. New opportunities and helpful people can't reach you if physical, technical and emotional clutter are distracting you, draining your energy and blocking the way. 
    Here's what to do. Clean out the physical clutter of outdated paperwork, the technical clutter of old emails and the emotional clutter of resentments, like forgiving your last employer for letting you go.          
  2. Keep a Positive Attitude. Looking for a job can be frustrating and often creates fear and doubt and a negative attitude. Since energy attracts like energy, you'll attract other negative people and circumstances. To attract positive people and circumstances and make the best impression, keep a positive attitude by taking good care of yourself. 
    Here's what to do. Eat healthy, stay physically active, spend time with positive people, be grateful, find reasons to laugh, sing, play games, enjoy a hobby, volunteer, appreciate nature, and practice random and not-so-random acts of kindness--like helping other people in their job search.                   
  3. Affirm Success. Studies show we speak to ourselves about 10,000 times a day and 80% tends to be negative. That's because we're human and we're programmed to protect ourselves from worst-case scenarios. Affirmations, or positive self talk, allow you to communicate with your powerful subconscious mind and remind you what you already know to be true. 
    Here's what to do. Be aware of what you're saying to yourself and others when you wake each morning, before making phone calls, at networking events and as you prepare for interviews. Keep it positive, in the present and brief. It works for athletes, make it work for you. Consider using affirmations like these: "I attract ideal job opportunities today." "I am guided to make smart job search choices." "I have all the skills and abilities to be a valuable asset to this company." "I am the greatest (fill in your profession)!" Write your affirmations down, post them, say them with a smile and share them with others.


What search strategies have worked for you? Share your wisdom on my Facebook page or reply back to me. I love hearing from you!


To Your Wisdom, 



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Have You Heard What They're Saying?

"It was another great event at GE when Tricia Molloy came to speak to us. Her gentle, deliberate delivery was soothing and welcoming. We were leaning in so we could catch every word. 
"When she finished teaching us the five CRAVE steps and asked us to share one strategy we would try, I was pleasantly surprised that every woman in the room participated in the discussion. That's never happened before. Our theme for the year is 'Simplification' so her advice to clean out the professional, physical, and emotional clutter in our lives was right on target. Several women have told me they've been busy de-cluttering their offices, homes, and even their brains!" 
Nicole James, Atlanta HUB Chair 
GE Women's Network


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Hire a Speaker Who Inspires Success!
Tricia Molloy is a leadership speaker on work-life balance and professional development through wise business practices.

Her Working with Wisdom programs, CRAVE Your Goals!, DESIGN Your Ideal Life! and Work-Life Balance Wisdom, inspire people to be more positive, proactive and productive so they can achieve their priority goals faster and easier.
They are available as employee development talks, workshops and webinars, and conference keynotes. Join organizations like Kimberly-Clark, IBM, The Home Depot and the Project Management Institute and benefit from these innovative programs.   
Tricia also offers one-on-one Wisdom Mentoring for women entrepreneurs and professionals.


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