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Coming Out of the Closet
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October 4, 2013


Last Friday, I was delighted to speak at Turknett Leadership Group's Women in Leadership seminar series.


In my program, Your Change Management Plan: How Leaders Can Reduce Stress, Increase Positivism and Accomplish More, I shared the five CRAVE 




When I spoke about cleaning out physical clutter, I posed this poignant question: "How much of your clothes in your closet today no longer fits your size, lifestyle and perhaps your era?" Everyone was silent and I could tell by the look in their eyes that I had struck a chord. 


When we passed the mic at the end of the program, many of the 70 or so women committed to cleaning out their closet that weekend. A participant followed up with me via email to say she cleaned out her shed that was storing clothing she and her daughter hadn't worn in years. "One of my co-workers is having a clothing drive for a women's organization that she founded," she wrote. "How timely is that?"


This made me think about why we tend to hold onto clothing and other items even though we know they no longer serve us. It reminded me of advice I read in one of my favorite books on conscious living, Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy. In it, author Sarah Ban Breathnach wrote, "Cleaning out closets and dresser drawers is daunting to contemplate (all that money, all those bad choices) and hard work once you're at it. But few things are as satisfying as bringing order to a closet in which chaos once reigned." 


In this chapter called Clearing: Parting with Fashion Mistakes, she continues, "Every woman has fashion mistakes that clutter up her sense of style and tempt her to whine about her wardrobe. Clearing our closets of past incarnations provides the space and freedom for us to choose clothing that authentically reflects the women we are becoming." If you need a destination for your discarded professional clothing, consider donating them to Dress for Success


And it goes beyond clothing. If it's not a closet or dresser, it might be a:

  • food pantry
  • junk drawer
  • office file cabinet 
  • medicine chest


How about those CDs and DVDs you'll never listen to or watch?  What's been accumulating in your garage and attic? Have I struck a chord yet?


Whatever comes "out of the closet" for you, remember that the space you create will allow the universe to fill it with what serves your highest good. I promise.


I hope you'll choose to inspire others by sharing what happens when you clean out your physical clutter on my Facebook page or reply back to me. I love hearing from you!


To Your Wisdom, 



PS: If this message resonates with you, please share it by forwarding it or clicking on the social media buttons above. 



Have You Heard What They're Saying?

"Now in its 11th year, the Women in Leadership seminar series is a monthly forum for female leaders from Atlanta's top corporations to interact with each other and with inspirational, successful role models. Tricia Molloy's presentation was
 one of the most impactful we've ever had. 

"Tricia's warm, genuine, conversational style captivated our members. Through personal stories and specific strategies, she showed us how to stay positive and manage change by making simple, conscious choices. Everyone walked away with a plan of action, excited to implement what they learned and share it with others. Tricia epitomizes the essence of a true leader."
Susan Hitchcock, Host/Creator
Turknett Leadership Group's
Women in Leadership Seminar Series


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