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May 21, 2013



Technology is wonderful, especially when it helps us simplify and enhance our lives. It can be a hindrance, however, when it just adds to the clutter of another thing to keep up with.
That's why it's so important to be strategic when choosing what social media outlets to engage in and what tools to adopt.   
In the next few newsletters, I'll explore some highly-rated apps and websites designed to support your professional and personal development. 
What ones do you recommend to make your life easier and more fun? Share them on my Facebook page or reply back to me. I love hearing from you! 
Smart phones can confine us by always keeping us connected with everyone and everything, or it can free us. It's our choice. 
Here are some smart phone apps to consider:
  • Lumosity promises to turn neuroscience breakthroughs into fun, effective games by stimulating your brain.  "At the end of each session, I see my scores so I know where and how much I improved," said fellow speaker and friend Martha Lanier, the author of Pink Lemonade. "I'm actively doing something to improve my memory and thought processes to keep my mind sharp and young."
  • Live Happy, based on Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky's The How of Happiness, is a happiness-boosting positive psychology program.
  • Lift is a free goal tracking program that enlists the support of friends. Forbes magazine referred to it as "probably the most affordable self-help product ever created." 
  • Fitbit, which counts calories consumed and burned and distance traveled if you're a walker or runner, was recommended by my fitness-focused friends, Ed Grove and Jan Dahlin Geiger.
Use your smartphone as a wise reminder throughout the day, like Anita Best of Find Your Franchise does. "I write affirmations like 'I believe in miracles' and 'Wonderful things are happening to me today, I just know it!' and then set a repeat reminder at a specific time of day," she told me. "I use a quiet chime notification so it's unobtrusive if I'm in a meeting. The chime reminds me of the affirmation, even if I don't look at my phone."
Share your wise apps, websites and other technology with me and you could be featured in an upcoming newsletter. 


To Your Wisdom, 



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Read My NEW Learning and Leadership Blog 
The Network of Executive Women (NEW) is an organization of more than 7,000 members throughout the United States and Canada from more than 700 companies like Coca-Cola, Home Depot and Kimberly-Clark.

They asked me to share my wisdom on their Learning & Leadership blog to help corporate women succeed in the workplace. 
Here's my first post: Is a negative attitude sabotaging your career? 


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