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May/June 2015

Scary, but true

Suzie Lane, GenOn Ministries Program Director

Suzie Lane Parents are busy with their jobs, endless household chores, attending games and recitals, and on and on and on. But many parents deeply desire a level of Christian development for their children and youth, some hope to raise caring and committed Christians.


How can the church reach well-intentioned parents to bring them into the life of the church, and why should the church even try?


In George Barna's research for Revolutionary Parenting, he says, "If we want to raise children who love God passionately and put God first, then we need to love God passionately and put God first. Kids learn what we do. (Scary, but true.)" The "we" in Barna's statement isn't referring to Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, LOGOS leaders, or even pastors. It's referring to parents.


In LOGOS intergenerational ministry, we understand that role of parents. To bring children and youth into an abundant life-giving relationship with God through Jesus Christ, parents' involvement is absolutely necessary - and not simply as just another item on parents' already crowded schedules, but as the most important path to growing faithful, Christian families.


I think of Anne. Her children loved LOGOS from the start. And she, with her already busy schedule, was, understandably, hesitant to commit. But, believing in the significant role of parents in ministry with their children, LOGOS leaders asked her to prayerfully consider helping in the kitchen. She accepted and soon began experiencing abundant blessings in kitchen ministry. And her whole family's commitment to growing Christ-centered relationships took on new life.


Reaching parents is tough but vital at the same time. Remembering why parents should be involved is the key. We must do whatever it takes to connect parents to the church to grow faithful disciples of all ages.


Do you have a similar story? If so, please share via GenOn's Facebook page or website.

GenOn welcomes Jennifer Hoggan

Jennifer Hoggan joins GenOn Ministries as communications coordinator! In addition to her communications background, she has experience in children's and youth ministry - including a Certificate in Youth and Theology from the Princeton Institute of Youth Ministry.


Jennifer has been involved with LOGOS in three churches where her husband has served as pastor, becoming a "whole-hearted supporter of its transformative power in individual lives, as well as the life of a church." Jennifer lives in Southern California with her husband and their three children, plus two dogs and a ridiculous amount of art supplies. 


Post a big LOGOS welcome message to Jennifer here.


You're invited: Calling parents to come and see
Liz Perraud, Executive Director, GenOn Ministries

We assumed she wouldn't be a parent volunteer. Or that she couldn't. Her son had been a LOGOS guest for several years, and he'd finally registered for the whole program year. But we never asked how Mom might serve in the ministry.

 So she didn't. We were just thrilled to have her son with us every week. She came on Sundays when his worship skills group led worship and was proud of his participation and supportive of his involvement.


The following fall we sent out postcards to LOGOS participants to invite adults to attend the Parent Connection meeting to learn the "why" behind LOGOS, get updated on changes, register their kids and consider where they felt called to serve.


Because she was invited, she attended. After considering the options, she thought it would be fun to work with middle schoolers in worship skills. Because she was invited, she served. And then relationships developed that carried through many years. She became a part of a Christian community.


I'm not a huge fan of the words "require" or "demand" or "mandatory" when it comes to church. But I do believe in "invite" because I think that's what Jesus meant when he invited people to "come and see."


How often have we assumed that a parent or grandparent is too busy or uninterested to hear a call to serve at LOGOS or elsewhere in children's or youth ministry? How do we help them listen and discern? Are we inviting them to "come and see"? How might we do that more intentionally?  


What's your LOGOS parent connection story? Please share your story on GenOn's Facebook so others can learn how to connect with parents.


In Christ,


Liz Perraud

Executive Director

GenOn Ministries

cell: 443-255-8492

Toll-free: 877-937-2572


Parents Corner: Modeling good behavior
Shirley Carlson, La Crescenta Presbyterian Church, California

potato soccer

Have you ever told your child, "Do what I say, not what I do?" Some of us are probably guilty of that. The truth is - and studies show - both behaviors can have a powerful, sometimes negative impact on our kids. So we do need to monitor our behavior. We don't want to constantly nag our kids to the point where they turn us off. Nor do we want them to witness our poor behavior.


The answer? Identify the values and virtues that you want your children to develop. Then look realistically at how you, as parents, model these behaviors. What changes do you need to make? Do you treat your children with the respect that you expect from them? Does your child ever hear you bad-mouth someone else? What happens when you lose your temper? That's just a small sample of some of the possible parent "bloopers."


When you have been the "less-than-perfect parent," what do you do? Take the time to talk with your child about your behavior and what should have happened. If apologies are in order, offer them. My father occasionally lost his temper, but he always talked with me about it - and he apologized. That put him pretty high on my list.


Consider these helpful links as you decide which values and virtues you should model for your kids:

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