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Vitality Walk11th Annual Vitality Walk
An Unforgettable Experience!
On Sunday, June 2nd, 1,132 individuals participated on 78 teams to enhance lives with every step they took at the 2013 Vitality Walk. 
A total of 939 walked in Wash Park, Denver; 169 walked in Sandstone Ranch, Longmont; and 24 Choose to Snooze - but made it Count! 
Team Longmont Loco Motion had the largest team with 70 members. Team Shake Rattle & Stroll was the top fundraising team, bringing in $8,585. The Whack & Waddlers were voted by KOOL 105 as 2013's Most Spirited Team and were closely followed by Sue's Fine Gold and The Betsy Bunch (who ran through with a homemade team banner to kick-off the walk start). 

Because of you, we exceeded our 2013 Vitality Walk fundraising goal by raising over $110,000! Click here to help us raise the bar higher
We are deeply grateful for all the support and want to give an extra special thanks to our sponsors. 
 KOOL 105 
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June 18: Care Partners Mini-Series - Part II

Covenant Village of Colorado, 9153 Yarrow St., Westminster, CO 80021
June 23: Bikini Car Wash to Benefit Parkinson Association
Aurora Sun Mart, 11889 E. Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80010
For more information or to register, please call (303) 830-1839 or email
Parkinson Association News
PD Life Update:
PD Life, the Association's iPhone app, has recently been updated to enhance it's data gathering features. Join the PD Life Facebook community to see what is new and be a part of building a stronger community.
Board Member Highlight: Lee & Barbara Mendel
Board Members, Lee & Barbara Mendel are making headlines! We were ecstatic to see The Michael J. Fox Foundation's Facebook page posted an article they had just done on Lee & Barbara. It's a truly wonderful write up and we're proud that the Mendels' are a huge part of the Association family! Please read it and join the conversation on our Facebook page.
Parkinson's in the News

Important Announcements & Reminders


NEW TIME! Reconnect with your Body Dance Classes
Wednesdays 7-8pm at A Living Arts Centre

2231 South Platte River Drive, Denver

First class is FREE / drop-in class $10 
Five class card $35 (individual) / $60 (couple) 
Ten class card $70 (individual) / $120 (couple)


Parkinson Assocation is looking to add a Boxing class!
We have the exciting opportunity to add a Boxing class to our exercise program! Please take our Boxing survey and let us know if you would like to see us add it to our calendar!


Parkinson's Tip

How great did it feel to get out and walk in the beautiful Colorado air during our Vitality Walk? How about keeping it going with these great walking tips from the

  • Choose flat, obstacle-free terrain.
  • Gently stretch your leg muscles before you start walking.
  • Taking larger strides may help you balance better.
  • Focus on lifting each foot and placing it down heel first.
  • Count each step - this can help to make a smoother, more rhythmic walking style.
  • If walking isn't practical or possible, explore other options such as water aerobics or stationary cycling.
  • Aim to perform aerobic exercise about three times per week.
  • Try out walking poles to help with balance.

Now get on out there & enjoy this wonderful state that we live in!