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February 20: Non-Motor Symptoms Mini-Series Session One
February 23: The Doctor Is In - Northern Colorado
February 23:
Young Onset Parkinson's Disease Seminar

March 2: The Doctor Is In - Colorado Springs
March 12: Care Partner Mini-Series Session Two
March 16: Support Group Leader Summit
March 20: Non-Motor Symptoms Mini-Series Session Two

June 2
: Save the Date!
11th Annual Vitality Walk in Denver, CO and Longmont, CO

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The Doctor Is In
Please join the Parkinson Association of the Rockies for The Doctor Is In educational series in Northern Colorado and Colorado Springs.
During the program, Dr. Benzi Kluger will discuss Common Health Issues and Parkinson's. He will highlight common concerns and how to address them. He will also discuss how to advocate for your health.

Erica DeMarch will discuss Functional Exercise. Erica will explain the different kinds of exercise and what research shows is important. She will discuss the concept of nueroplasticity and how it effects our brains.


Dayspring Christian Church, 8005 Highland Meadows Pkwy., Fort Collins, CO 80528
(off CO-392 towards Windsor)

Lunch provided by Life Care Centers of America.

March 2 | 10:00am - 2:00pm | Colorado Springs
During the program, Dr. Benzi Kluger will discuss Common Health Issues & Parkinson's. He will highlight common concerns and how to address Them. He will also discuss how to advocate for your health.

Dr. Richman will discuss how individuals with Parkinson's can age in place and maintain their independence through exercise and appropriate rehabilitation practices.

Village at Skyline, 2365 Patriot Heights, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

To register for any of these events please
call (303) 830-1839 or email
Non-Motor Symptoms Mini-Series
Most people don't automatically recognize that many other medical concerns may actually be a symptom of their Parkinson's. Symptoms range from a chronic runny nose, constipation to pain. The most important thing to know is that you are not alone and many symptoms can be addressed.

Join us for a three-part series dedicated to uncovering the Non-Motor Symptoms of Parkinson's disease and how to best treat them.
Touching Hearts
Session One | February 20th | 1:00 - 3:00pm
Neuropsychiatric Symptoms
Dr. Haleh Nekoorad-Long

Session Two | March 20th | 1:00 - 3:00pm
Sleep Disorders
Speaker TBD

Session Three | April 17th | 1:00 - 3:00pm
Gastorintestinal Symptoms, Autonomic Symptoms and Sensory Symptoms
Dr. Avi Kurtz

Sunrise of Westminster, 10280 N. Sheridan Blvd., Westminster, CO 80020

Please RSVP to (303) 830-1839 or
Young Onset Parkinson's Disease Symposium
While getting a diagnosis of Parkinson's can be daunting, the idea of telling your family and friends can be even harder.

Questions may flood your mind. What do I tell my kids? Should I tell my boss? What will my spouse think? All of these questions are completely normal and, in fact, healthy. Instead of rolling these questions around as you work through your day - talk about them. Sometimes addressing the elephant in the room is much easier than you may think.

Join us for a day specifically focused on issues around career and family for individuals with Young Onset Parkinson's disease. Individuals with first-hand experiences and experts in the field will address each of these concerns and more.

Day and Time:
February 23, 2013 | 10:00am - 2:30pm

The Daniels Fund, 101 Monroe Street, Denver, CO 80206

For more information on speakers and the agenda or to register,
 please call (303) 830-1839, email or visit here.
Attention Colfax Marathon ParticipantsColfax Marathon
You're participation in this event can support the Parkinson Association of the Rockies.

Once again the Parkinson Association is a Colfax Marathon Charity Partner. Participation in this event means that you will be a part of one of the nation's largest charity partner programs! And, Parkinson Association of the Rockies keeps 100% of the funds you raise! You can participate in the marathon, half marathon or relay all the while raising funds for the Association.

Click here to learn more about the 2013 DaVita Charity Partners Program for the Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon. Click here to register today. 
Not a runner?
You can still support those participating in the Colfax Marathon by visiting here.

Thank you to those who have already signed up!
Community Events
Parkinson's disease patients considering deep brain stimulation surgery can now be "asleep" during the procedure thanks to new technology at Littleton Adventist Hospital. Littleton Adventist Hospital is one of only a handful of hospitals across the nation currently offering this option. Attend this free seminar to learn more.

Day and Time: February 27, 6:30-8 p.m.
Location: Parker Adventist Hospital, 9395 Crown Crest Blvd., Parker
David VanSickle, MD, PhD | Neurosurgeon
Mariel Szapiel, MD | Neurosurgeon
Mihaela Alexander, MD | Neurologist
Gin-Ming Hsu, MD | Physical Medicine

Please RSVP by calling 303-777-6877. Refreshments will be served.

(the necessary ingredients to create a meaningful life)
by Jane W. Barton, MTS, MASM, CSA

Life Ever-Changing: Understanding the Process of Change and Transition
Most human beings are not fond of change, invited or not. Change disrupts our daily routines, life expectations and our sense of certainty. Change reminds us that we are not in control! But change is a given in life: the seasons change, society changes, financial markets change, relationships change and we change. So instead of resisting change, how can we engage it?

Aging, illness and disability prompt countless changes in our lives - most uninvited and unwelcome. Although we cannot control everything that happens in our lives, we always retain the freedom to choose an attitude in response to the change(s). Our choice directly impacts our lived experience and quality of life. Recognition of this choice in the midst of change transforms the victimizing question of "Why?" into the empowering inquiry of "What now?" This is particularly important when confronted by the ultimate change - death.

Location: Feldman Mortuary, 1673 York Street, Denver, CO 80206
Day and Time: March 7 | 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM