May, 2015
  Issue #6
A Message From the Editor

As the late Robin Williams said "spring is nature's way of saying let's party!" I hope you have been able to take some time away from your busy schedules to party and enjoy this wonderful time of year.


Looking back at the first half of the year, we were kept busy by the Huntington vs. Miner ruling that was handed down last October.  While the ruling is pretty straight forward, it was necessary to change the way we internally process partial payments. The changes were minor but to better serve you and your homeowners it was important that we addressed every possible scenario as there were exceptions to each rule put in place.   We spent many hours consulting with our attorneys and friendly competitors to make sure that every "i" has been dotted and every "t" has been crossed.


I thank you for your patience during this time. Please never hesitate to contact me with any questions about the Huntington Case, any other collection related matter or if you just want to say HELLO!!!


I also want to publicly thank each and every member of the S.B.S. Team for their continued dedication. They work so hard day in and day out to provide our clients with Simply Better Service. We have the BEST team in the business!!


Summer will be here soon which means more contests for you to enter and win prizes. Also be on the lookout for S.B.S. at the next CAI or CACM event that you attend.


Kindest regards,

Jennifer Kennick

Executive Vice President

S.B.S. Lien Services

818-991-4600 x211 

Team Member Spotlight:
Jodi Cromar

Hello Everyone


My name is Jodi Cromar and I have been with S.B.S. since 2006. I am the proud mother of three beautiful girls ages 15, 9 and 8 and a loving wife to my handsome husband of 16 years. I enjoy cooking, golf, karate and most of all, spending time with my family. Prior to joining the S.B.S. team I was with a large corporation for over 15 years. Knowing that my oldest daughter was about to start kindergarten, my husband and I both agreed it might be time for a change. Mitch offered me incredible hours so that I was able to work and take care of my family. I am very dedicated to S.B.S. and I enjoy working with an incredible team. It is my pleasure to help you in any way that I can. I handle all of your small claims needs, process homeowner payments as well as many other tasks at S.B.S.  I truly enjoy working with all of our clients on a daily basis and helping to resolve any issues that I can. I am available by phone Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30 to 1:55 and on Tuesday from 8:30 to 12:55 at 818-991-4600 x206 or you can email me at


I look forward to working with you in the years to come.



Jodi Cromar

Congratulations to our previous winners:

Elba Horne

Rebecca Arroy
 Sandra Castro

Aza Ingraham

Pam Sabo

Ryan Lerman

Heather Dellorso 

Teresa Mason

Evelyn Polizzi

 Sherry Hernandez


Company Winners:

Equity Management & Realty Services 

Property Management Professionals

Valley Mortgage Investments

Gold Coast Association Management


Weldon Brown

Valley Mortgage Investment, LLC

Sterling Pacific Financial

Cardinal Property Management

Transcend Association Management  

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Fun Spring Activities
1. Grow something you can eat
(go beyond a pot of basil in the window sil)


2. Go to a baseball game.

3. Sleep outside.

Pitch a tent together in the backyard, get out the sleeping bags and flashlights, and have a ball.

4. Stop and smell the spring flowers.  
 Pick a few while you're at it.

5. Make flower crafts. 

 Make cards, candles, soaps, and more.

6. Take an evening stroll. 

Savor the light of dusk. Wave to the neighbors. Enjoy the little things.


7. Get dirty in the yard. Mow the grass. Pull weeds. Till flower beds. Replant. Cut back.

8. Wash the car together as a family.

 Talk about good clean fun!  Spray each other with the hose (a must) and scrub along to your favorite songs.


9. Go to a farmer's market. Take advantage of the comfortable morning temperatures and see what local farmers are offering.

  10. Eat outside in the backyard, on the balcony, at restaurants - enjoy the spring sunshine!

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June 11 - CAI CIC Ventura Dinner
June 12 - CAI BayCen
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June 17 - CAI BaCen
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June 26 - CAI CV Bowling Night

June 27 - CAI GRIE 

Monte Carlo Night  

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June 30 - CAI OC  

Chapter Forum and Expo

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