January, 2014
  Issue #3
A message from the Editor
Jennifer Kennick

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that you all had a great holiday season and that you are ready for 2014!!


2013 was a great year here at S.B.S.! We held our first annual Cocktails and Collections events in 4 different Southern California locations. Everyone in attendance enjoyed cocktails and hors d'oeuvres while listening to a presentation by the President and Owner of S.B.S., Mitch Willet. Click here to see images from the events and click here to see video. We plan on holding similar events in 2014 so be on the lookout for an email from us.


Vicky Lukasik, who worked in our payment plan department, has moved over to our sister company Platinum Real Estate Services as our new REO/Asset Manager. Vicky is well versed on the collection side of the business and takes that experience with her to Platinum. She can now handle all of your post foreclosure needs. You can contact Vicky at vlukasik@platinumrealestateservices.com.


Our marketing team of Alisher Sabirov and Rory Cambra attended CAI & CACM events all throughout the year. We are members of 7 different CAI organizations which enables us to not only interact with those of you that attend but also keeps us up to date with the changes and goings on within the CID Industry. Plan on seeing more of Alisher, Rory and some of the SBS Team in 2014!


Our biggest accomplishment in 2013 was collecting over $8 MILLION in delinquent assessments. 85% of the files that we opened in our office paid their accounts current AT NO COST TO THE HOA'S. This is a 30% increase from the $6 MILLION that we collected for our HOA's in 2012!


You can find out more about S.B.S. and the Simply.Better.Service that we provide on our website at www.liencollections.com. You can also contact me directly via e-mail at jkennick@liencollections.com
or at 818-991-4600 x 211.

I wish you good health, happiness and prosperity in 2014!


Jennifer Kennick,

Senior Vice President 


Substantial success at S.B.S. 


S.B.S. Lien Services collected 

$8 million in delinquent assessments in 2013, and we did it at no charge to the HOA's!


That number is even more impressive when you factor in that we collected $6 million in 2012. 


We look forward to another year of providing Simply.Better.Service to our management companies and HOA's.

A message from Alisher Sabirov

I hope everyone had great Christmas and New Year celebrations! Hopefully the post-holiday hangover is not lingering :) If it is then follow this link for some helpful tips to start feeling better.


Now let's talk about the winter season and how it affects delinquent accounts. As we all know people tend to overindulge and spend a lot of money during the holiday season. During this time they neglect their financial obligations such as paying their HOA dues.


So, what should the HOA do? Here's my take on it: delinquent accounts most likely will stay delinquent during the winter months unless Associations take action and collect the debt that is owed. In my opinion Associations should, at least, secure their interest by recording a lien against the property.

And as I always say: "Never, never let the delinquency climb over the $2,000-$2,500 mark. It is much more challenging for the homeowner to come up with a large amount to cover the debt rather than bring a $2,000 delinquent balance current. And I am not even talking about disputes, involvement of an Attorney, stall tactics, etc. Once the balance hits the several thousand dollar mark the owner has now accumulated enough debt to contemplate hiring an Attorney to fight the debt, use other methods to stall /prolong the process, or maybe even file a Bankruptcy.


Please contact me to schedule a lunch & learn presentation. During our meeting we can discuss the proper way to collect assessments. I will also share with you the most recent trends and inside information in the collection industry and answer all of your questions. Please e-mail me at asabirov@liencollections.com or call me at 323-356-6889. You can also visit my LinkedIn profile by clicking here.


Thank you all and have a great winter!



A message from Tammy Steele
Hello Managers and Board Members!


My name is Tammy Steele and I have been working at S.B.S. for over 10 years.


I set up all of the new HOA accounts in addition to helping out wherever the team needs me. Some of you might not know this but I did take a little hiatus from S.B.S. in 2004 to work closer to home. I ended up returning in 2006 as I really missed working at SBS. I enjoy the relationships that I have with our Managers and Board members and take pride in knowing that I am instrumental part in getting the delinquent accounts resolved.


Here is a little bit about myself that you may not know. I love watching and playing sports. I am a HUGE LA Kings fan as well as an Angels & 49er fan. I bowl in a league once a week and used to play softball. I am a Disneyland guru! It is the Happiest Place on earth and I have been known to drive down to Disneyland just for a cruise through the Jungle and to enjoy some delightful popcorn.


You can reach me anytime by email at tsteele@liencollections.com or at 818-991-4600 x207.




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