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Arts, Humanities, and Humanistic Social Sciences
Upcoming Funding Opportunities July 2015

Unless otherwise noted, all full proposals to external sponsors must be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) for review five business days in advance of the sponsor deadline. 
For questions regarding any of the opportunities listed below, please contact Caitlin McDermott-Murphy, Research Development Specialist, at cmcdermottmurphy@fas.harvard.edu or 617-496-2618.


Match your project to a grant program:

I am looking for research support for my project.


I want to host a program for faculty, scholars, or practitioners to expand their knowledge of a topic.


I want to create a scholarly edition or reference volume.


I want to combine digital technology with the humanities or preserve a collection and/or make it easier for people to access.


I want to create a website with humanities content.


I want to develop or refine a humanities course or curriculum.


I want to create a fellowship program for individual scholars.


I want to develop or put on an exhibition or cultural program for the public or engage in community revitalization.


I want to develop or produce a radio show, or television or film documentary.


I want to pursue systematic training.


I want to travel to a conference or archive to perform research.


I want to host an external scholar or postdoc at my home institution.


I want to complete and/or publish a scholarly book.


Climate Change Solutions Fundclimate
Deadline: November 1, 2015
Award Amount: up to $150,000 for 1 to 2 years

Information Session: September 25, 2015 from 9:00 - 11:00am; Barker Center, Thompson Room


The Climate Change Solutions Fund supports research and policy initiatives intended to hasten the transition from carbon-based energy systems to those that rely on renewable energy sources, to develop methods for diminishing the impact of existing carbon-based energy systems on the climate, and to propel scientific, technological, legal, policy and artistic innovations needed to accelerate progress toward cleaner energy and a greener world.  

Full-time assistant, associate, or full professors in all disciplines and from any Harvard School may apply for an award. Students and postdoctoral scholars may apply for an award provided they have an identified faculty mentor who will supervise their research.

Projects funded through the Fund (2014) confronted the challenges of climate change using the lever of law, policy, and economics, as well as public health and science.

For more information on the fund, see hereTo access the online application, see here.

Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studyradcliffe_seminars
Exploratory Seminars
Deadline: October 26, 2015 for one- to two-day seminars hosted by the Radcliffe Institute during the 2016-2017 academic year
Award Amount: up to $18,000

Exploratory seminars provide funding to bring together scholars, practitioners, and artists from Harvard University and around the world to develop early-stage ideas and research across the disciplines. The seminars support risk-taking inquiry into new ideas and research. Seminars have led to new scholarly research, publications, cross-disciplinary partnerships, and successful grant applications. 

Proposals are welcome from all academic fields, and proposals advancing innovation in learning and teaching and those considering issues connected to the wider field of urban studies are welcome. All Harvard faculty and past and present Radcliffe fellows are eligible. 

For more information, see here.

Harvard University Foundations of Human Behavior Initiativehuman_behavior
Fund for Research on the Foundations of Human Behavior
Deadline: August 31, 2015 (OSP review is not required for internal funding)
Award Amount: $40,000 for ladder faculty

This Fund provides seed grants to support transformative research in the social and behavioral sciences. Successful proposals will be those that promise to advance understanding of the social, institutional and biological mechanisms shaping human beliefs and behavior. The funds will be used to support interdisciplinary social science research projects based on innovative experimental or observational designs that make use of sophisticated quantitative methods.

The Fund also supports seminars, conferences, and other research-related activities.

For more information, see here.



Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art - U.K.UK_art
Educational Programme Grants
Deadline: September 30, 2015
OSP Deadline: September 23, 2015
Award Amount: up to 3,000

The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art offers a variety of Fellowships (for individuals) and Grants (for institutions and individuals) twice a year. The programme supports scholarship, academic research and the dissemination of knowledge in the field of British art and architectural history from the medieval period to the present. All supported topics must have an historical perspective.  


Eligible programmes include lectures, conferences, symposia and seminars for scholars or provided at a scholarly level for the general public. An institution may apply for costs such as: 

  • Venue hire;
  • Travel and accommodation costs for speakers;
  • Catering costs;
  • Printing and publicity; and
  • Allocation of free or reduced-fee places for students.

For more information, see here.



National Endowment for the Artsnea_town
Our Town
This is a Limited Submission Opportunity; each institution may submit two applications. If you are interested in applying for this award, please contact Erin Cromack before July 27, 2015.
Deadline: September 21, 2015
OSP Deadline: September 14, 2015 
Award Amount: $25,000 to $200,000

The Our Town grant program supports creative placemaking projects that help to transform communities into lively, beautiful, and resilient places with the arts at their core. Creative placemaking is when artists, arts organizations, and community development practitioners deliberately integrate arts and culture into community revitalization work - placing arts at the table with land-use, transportation, economic development, education, housing, infrastructure, and public safety strategies.


Our Town requires partnerships between arts organizations and government, other nonprofit organizations, and private entities to achieve livability goals for communities. Our Town offers support for projects in two areas: 

  • Arts Engagement, Cultural Planning, and Design Projects; and
  • Projects that Build Knowledge About Creative Placemaking.

For more information, see here.



Mass Humanitiesmasshumanities
Project Grants
Letter of Inquiry Deadline: September 21, 2015
OSP Deadline: September 14, 2015
Award Amount: up to $10,000 (all project grants require 1:1 matching)

The Mass Humanities Project Grants support public programming in the humanities in Massachusetts, including but not limited to: 

  • Humanities based civic conversations; 
  • Public lecture, conference and panel discussion; 
  • Reading and discussion programs; 
  • Film and discussion programs; 
  • Museum exhibitions and related programming; 
  • Theatrical productions with post- or pre-performance discussion; 
  • Oral history projects; 
  • Walking tours; 
  • Audio projects; 
  • Film production and distribution; 
  • Websites; and 
  • Content-based professional development workshops for teachers.
In general, Mass Humanities prioritizes funding projects that engage those whose contact with humanities programming is limited, as well as programming that responds to their current theme, Negotiating the Social Contract

For more information, see here.



The Whiting Foundation - NEW!whiting
Public Engagement Fellowship
Harvard has been invited to submit one proposal to the Whiting Foundation. The Office of the Vice Provost for Research (OVPR) will hold an internal competition to select one candidate to submit a full proposal to the Foundation. 
Internal Competition Deadline: August 17, 2015; 11:30pm
Sponsor Deadline: October 15, 2015
Award Amount: $40,000 + up to $10,000 for travel, collaboration, and training

The Whiting Foundation invites selected colleges and universities to nominate a recently-tenured professor in the humanities for the Whiting Public Engagement Fellowship. The Fellowship is a pilot program designed to celebrate and support faculty who incorporate public engagement into their scholarly vocations. The Foundation selected approximately 40 institutions to pilot this opportunity and expects to award 10 fellowships.


The Fellowship will fund six consecutive months of leave; fellows may choose to take the leave in the fall of 2016 or the spring of 2017. Additionally, the Fellowship may be taken consecutively with institutional or other grant supported leave, if the nominating institution approves.


Professors in the humanities who received tenure between September 1, 2010 and October 15, 2015 are eligible to apply. Scholars performing humanistic work in the social science fields--such as cultural anthropology--are also eligible.

For more information, see here.



National Endowment for the Humanitiesneh_dig_start-up
Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants
Deadline: September 16, 2015
OSP Deadline: September 9, 2015
Award Amount: up to $30,000 for Level I grants; up to $60,000 for Level II grants

The Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants program awards relatively small grants to support the planning stages of innovative projects that promise to benefit the humanities.


Proposals should be for the planning of initial stages of digital initiatives in any area of the humanities. Two levels of awards will be made in this program, Level I and Level II:

  • Level I awards are small grants designed to fund brainstorming sessions, workshops, early alpha-level prototypes, and initial planning;
  • Level II awards are larger grants that can be used for more fully-formed projects that are ready to begin implementation or demonstrate proofs of concept. 
Start-Up Grants support full-time or part-time activities for periods up to eighteen months.

For more information, see here.



Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchangechiang_ching-kuo
Conference, Seminar, Workshop & Publication Grants
Deadline: September 15, 2015
OSP Deadline: September 8, 2015
Award Amount: up to $25,000 (conferences, etc.); up to $10,000 (publication)

The Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation supports research on Chinese Studies in the humanities and social sciences. The Foundation offers funding for conferences, workshops, or seminars on specific subjects related to Chinese Studies. Events should be held during the six-month period immediately following the application deadline.


The Foundation also accepts applications from academic publishers; publishers may apply for subsidies for the publication of scholarly works related to Chinese Studies. The Foundation will not subsidize books that are part of a series, and applicants may not include translation and research-related expenses. Priority will be given to first book projects by junior scholars. 

For more information, see here.



College Art Associationmeiss_publication
Millard Meiss Publication Fund
Deadline: September 15, 2015
OSP Deadline: September 8, 2015
Award Amount: the grant sum is intended to be less than the total cost of production; that is, a substantial portion of production costs must be met by the publisher or be from other sources

The Millard Meiss Publication Fund supports book-length scholarly manuscripts in the history of art, visual studies, and related subjects that have been accepted by a publisher on their merits, but cannot be published in the most desirable form without a subsidy. 


The jury is particularly sympathetic to applications that propose enhancing the visual component of the study through the inclusion of color plates or an expanded component of black-and-white illustrations. Expenses generated by exceptional design requirements (maps, line drawings, charts, and tables) are also suitable for consideration. Permission and rental fees or reproduction rights--especially in cases where they are burdensome--are also appropriate. 


While all periods and all areas of art history and visual studies may be considered, eligibility does not embrace excavation or other technical reports, articles, previously published works (including collections of previously published essays), or congress proceedings. 

For more information, see here.



Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Artsgraham
Grants to Individuals (Architecture)
Inquiry Deadline: September 15, 2015
OSP Deadline: September 8, 2015
Award Amount: up to $20,000 (Production and Presentation); up to $10,000 (Research and Development)

The Graham Foundation makes project-based grants to individuals and organizations and produces public programs to foster the development and exchange of diverse and challenging ideas about architecture and its role in the arts, culture, and society. The Foundation offers two types of grants to individuals: Production & Presentation Grants and Research & Development Grants. 


Production and Presentation Grants: these assist individuals with the production-related expenses that are necessary to take a project from conceptualization to realization and public presentation. These projects include, but are not limited to, publications, exhibitions, installations, films, new media projects, and other public programs.


Research and Development Grants: these assist individuals with seed money for research-related expenses such as travel, documentation, materials, supplies, and other development costs.

For more information, see here.



National Endowment for the Humanities - NEW!neh_war
Dialogues on the Experience of War
This is a Limited Submission Opportunity; each institution may submit three applications. If you are interested in applying for this award, please contact Erin Cromack before July 27, 2015.
Deadline: September 15, 2015
OSP Deadline: September 8, 2015
Award Amount: up to $100,000

As a part of its current initiative, Standing Together: The Humanities and the Experience of War, the NEH offers a new grant opportunity: the Dialogues on the Experience of War program. The program supports the study and discussion of important humanities sources about war, in the belief that these sources can help U.S. military veterans and others to think more deeply about the issues raised by war and military service.


The humanities sources can be drawn from history, philosophy, literature, and film--and they may and should be supplemented by testimonials from those who have served. The discussions are intended to promote serious exploration of important questions about the nature of duty, heroism, suffering, loyalty, and patriotism.


Grants will support:

  • the recruitment and training of discussion leaders; and
  • following the training program, the convening of at least two discussion programs. 

For more information, see here.



National Endowment for the Humanitiesneh_languages
Documenting Endangered Languages
Deadline: September 15, 2015
OSP Deadline: September 8, 2015
Award Amount: up to $150,000 for grants; up to $4,200 per month for fellowships

The Documenting Endangered Languages program is a partnership between the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop and advance knowledge concerning endangered human languages. 


Awards support fieldwork and other activities relevant to recording, documenting, and archiving endangered languages, including the preparation of lexicons, grammars, text samples, and databases. DEL funding is available in the form of one- to three-year project grants as well as fellowships for six to twelve months.


At least half the available funding will be awarded to projects involving fieldwork.

For more information, see here.



National Endowment for the Humanitiesneh_enduring
Enduring Questions
Deadline: September 10, 2015
OSP Deadline: September 3, 2015
Award Amount: up to $20,000 for a course developed by a single faculty member; up to $28,000 for a course developed by two; $34,000 for three; and $38,000 for four

The Enduring Questions program supports faculty members in the preparation of a new course on a fundamental concern of human life as addressed by the humanities. This question-driven course would encourage undergraduates and teachers to join together in a deep and sustained program of reading in order to encounter influential ideas, works, and thinkers over the centuries.


The course is to be developed by one or more (up to four) faculty members at a single institution, but not team taught. Enduring Questions courses must be taught from a common syllabus and must be offered during the grant period at least twice by each faculty member involved in developing the course.


An Enduring Questions course may be taught by faculty from any department or discipline in the humanities or by faculty outside the humanities (for example, astronomy, biology, economics, law, mathematics, medicine, or psychology), so long as humanities sources are central to the course.

For more information, see here.



Banting Postdoctoral Fellowshipsbanting
Deadline to request institutional endorsement from Harvard: September 7
Sponsor Deadline: September 23, 2015 
Award Amount: $70,000 per year (taxable) for two years

The objective of the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Program is to attract and retain top-tier postdoctoral talent, both nationally and internationally, to develop their leadership potential and to position them for success as research leaders of tomorrow, positively contributing to Canada's economic, social and research-based growth through a research-intensive career.


Eligible candidates (for Harvard to host) must fulfill all degree requirements for a PhD or equivalent between September 24, 2012 and August 15, 2015 and must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada who have obtained or will obtain their PhD or equivalent from a Canadian university.


Applications are accepted from all fields in the humanities, social sciences, health research, natural sciences and engineering; the sponsor especially encourages applications from candidates in the humanities and social sciences.


Postdoctoral scholars who wish to apply for a fellowship (where Harvard acts as host) must acquire an institutional letter of endorsement signed by the Vice Provost for Research to include with their application. To request this letter,
candidates must submit their contact information and a copy of their proposed supervisor's statement here by September 7, 2015.


For more information, see here.



John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundationmacarthur_doc
2015 Documentary Fund
Deadline: September 1, 2015
OSP Deadline: August 25, 2015
Award Amount: $50,000 to $200,000

The MacArthur Foundation Documentary Fund seeks to support feature documentary films and interactive digital documentaries that combine engaging storytelling with in-depth journalism. These films have the potential to spark dialogue, create understanding, and contribute to social, culture, and policy change.


MacArthur-supported documentaries:

  • Address important, contemporary social issues--international and domestic--illustrating the human impacts of public policy;
  • Follow an issue over time, providing in-depth reporting that goes beyond conventional news coverage;
  • Utilize compelling personal stories to engage viewers and create empathy;
  • Appeal to a broad audience because they treat differing points of view with respect;
  • Are factually accurate and follow best practices in documentary ethics;
  • Are led by experienced teams that have had past success in bringing a documentary or interactive project to completion and reaching broad U.S. audiences;
  • Are in production or post-production stage.

For more information, see here.



Cabot Family Charitable Trustcabot
Deadline: September 1, 2015
OSP Deadline: August 25, 2015
Award Amount: $5,000 to $50,000 for one year

The Trust awards grants biannually to nonprofit organizations in the city of Boston and contiguous communities. Awards support: 

  • Arts and culture; 
  • Education and youth development; 
  • Environment and conservation; 
  • Health and human services; and 
  • Civic and public benefit.
Within these fields, as appropriate, the trustees prefer programs mainly serving youth and young adults, with a special interest in programs focused on insuring the healthy growth and development of infants and young children.

For more information, see here.



Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Artswarhol
Deadline: September 1, 2015
OSP Deadline: August 25, 2015
Award Amount: unspecified; recent grant range from $50,000 to $100,000

The Foundation serves the needs of artists by funding the institutions that support them. Grants are made for scholarly exhibitions at museums; curatorial research; visual arts programming at artist-centered organizations; artist residencies and commissions; arts writing; and efforts to promote the health, welfare and first amendment rights of artists.


Projects may include exhibitions, catalogues, and other organizational activities directly related to the Foundation's priority areas detailed above.

For more information, see here.



J.M. Kaplan Fundfurthermore
Furthermore Grants in Publishing
Deadline: September 1, 2015
OSP Deadline: August 25, 2015
Award Amount: $1,500 to $15,000

Furthermore grants assist nonfiction books having to do with art, architecture, and design; cultural history, the city, and related public issues; and conservation and preservation. Furthermore looks for work that appeals to an informed general audience; gives evidence of high standards in editing, design, and production; and promises a reasonable shelf life.


Funds apply to such specific publication components as writing, research, editing, indexing, design, illustration, photography, and printing and binding.


Book projects to which a university press or nonprofit or trade publisher is already committed and for which there is a feasible distribution plan are usually preferred.  

For more information, see here.



Regional Studies Associationrsa_travel
RSA Travel Grant
Deadline: August 28, 2015
OSP Deadline: August 21, 2015
Award Amount: up to 500

The RSA Travel Grant supports travel costs (transport only) for scholars to present works, network and participate at world-wide non-RSA events within the field. Eligible scholars must be presenting a paper at the event in the field of regional studies (sub-national) and be a member of the Association at the time of application.


Events for which scholars seek funding must be held a minimum of 6 weeks after the Travel Grant application deadline has passed.

For more information, see here.



Social Science Research Councilssrc_interasian
Transregional Research Junior Scholar Fellowship: InterAsian Contexts and Connections
Deadline: August 25, 2015
OSP Deadline: August 18, 2015
Award Amount: up to $45,000

The InterAsia Program supports transregional research under the rubric InterAsian Contexts and Connections. Its purpose is to strengthen the understanding of issues and geographies that do not fit neatly into existing divisions of academia or the world and to develop new approaches, practices, and opportunities in international, regional, and area studies. 


These fellowships help junior scholars (one to five years out of the PhD) complete first books or undertake second projects. Proposals supported by the fellowship examine processes that connect places and peoples (such as migration, media, and resource flows) as well as those that reconfigure local and translocal contexts (such as shifting borders, urbanization, and social movements). 

For more information, see here.



American Musicological Societyams_ind_pub
Subventions for Publications for Individuals or Scholarly Organizations, Societies, and Departments
Deadline: August 17, 2015
OSP Deadline: August 10, 2015
Award Amount: up to $2,500

The AMS Subventions for Publications for Individuals makes available funds to help with expenses involved in the publication of works of musical scholarship, including books, articles, special issues of journals, and works in non-print media. 


Individual authors or editors, or their sponsoring organization, society, or department, may apply for assistance to defray costs not normally covered by publishers, such as illustrations, musical examples, facsimiles, accompanying audio or video examples, and permissions. Subventions are not given to defray costs associated with indexing.

For more information, see here.



American Musicological Societyams_pub_pub
AMS 75 PAYS Subventions
Deadline: August 15, 2015
OSP Deadline: August 7, 2015
Award Amount: up to $5,000

The AMS 75 PAYS Subventions provide support for the publication of first books by scholars in the early stages of their careers. The purpose of this subvention is to facilitate the publication of original and significant research in any recognized field of musicology by providing financial support to publishers in order to offset the costs of book production and thereby reduce the retail price of the book. 


Applications should come directly from publishers, in consultation with the author. Applications should be made after the work is complete and readers' reports and author's responses are in hand. Books receiving subventions should appear in print no later than twenty-four months after the date of application.

For more information, see here.



National Archives and Records Administrationnara_fellowship
Theodore C. Sorensen Research Fellowship
Deadline: August 15, 2015
OSP Deadline: August 7, 2015
Award Amount: up to $3,600

The Theodore C. Sorensen Research Fellowship is intended to support a scholar in the production of a substantial work in the areas of domestic policy, political journalism, polling, press relations, or a related topic. The successful candidate will develop at least a portion of his or her original research using archival materials from the Kennedy Library.


Preference is given to projects not supported by large grants from other institutions.

For more information, see here.



National Endowment for the Humanitiesneh_fellprogram
Fellowship Programs at Independent Research Institutions
Deadline: August 13, 2015
OSP Deadline: August 6, 2015
Award Amount: grants provide fellowship stipends of $4,200 per month and a portion of the costs of selecting the fellows, up to $7,000

Grants for Fellowship Programs at Independent Research Institutions (FPIRI) support fellowships at institutions devoted to advanced study and research in the humanities. Recognizing that at times scholars need to work away from their homes and institutions, the FPIRI program offers fellowships that provide scholars with research time, a stimulating intellectual environment, and access to resources that might otherwise not be available to them.


Fellowship programs may be administered by independent centers for advanced study, libraries, and museums in the United States; American overseas research centers; and American organizations that have expertise in promoting research in foreign countries.


Individual scholars apply directly to the institutions for fellowships. Fellowships of four to twelve months are held at the U.S. grantee institutions or--in the case of overseas research centers and organizations--abroad. 

For more information, see here.



National Endowment for the Humanitiesneh_mlco
Museums, Libraries, and Cultural Organizations
Deadline: August 12, 2015
OSP Deadline: August 5, 2015
Award Amount (Planning): $40,000 to $75,000 for about 12 months
Award Amount (Implementation): up to $460,000 for a period of 12 to 36 months; in rare circumstances, Chairman's Special Awards of up to $1 million are available for projects that have unusual significance and promise to reach exceptionally wide audiences

Museums, Libraries, and Cultural Organizations grants provide support for museums, libraries, historic places, and other organizations that produce public programs in the humanities.


Both Planning and Implementation grants support the following formats: 

  • exhibitions at museums, libraries, and other venues;
  • interpretations of historic places, sites, or regions; and 
  • book/film discussion programs; living history presentations; and other face-to-face programs at libraries, community centers, and other public venues.
Implementation grants also support:
  • interpretive websites, mobile applications, games, and other digital formats.
Planning grants support the early stages of project development, including consultation with scholars, refinement of humanities themes, preliminary design, testing, and audience evaluation.
Implementation grants support final scholarly research and consultation, design development, production, and installation of a project for presentation to the public.

For more information, see here.



National Endowment for the Humanitiesneh_media
Media Projects
Deadline: August 12, 2015
OSP Deadline: August 5, 2015
Award Amount (Development): $40,000 to $75,000 for 6 to 12 months
Award Amount (Production): up to $650,000 for 1 to 3 years; in rare circumstances, Chairman's Special Awards of up to $1 million are available for projects that will reach an exceptionally large audience

Media Projects grants support the following formats:

  • film and television projects; and
  • radio projects.
Film and television projects may be single programs or a series addressing significant figures, events, or ideas. Programs must be intended for national distribution. 
Radio projects may involve single programs, limited series, or segments within an ongoing program. They may also develop new humanities content to augment existing radio programming or add greater historical background or humanities analysis to the subjects of existing programs. 

Proposed projects might include complementary components to a film, television, or radio project. These components should deepen the audience's understanding of the subject in a supplementary manner: for example, book/film discussion programs, websites, mobile applications, museum exhibitions, or podcasts.


For more information, see here.



United States Department of State - NEW!US_Russia
U.S. Mission to Russia
Deadline: August 10, 2015
OSP Deadline: August 3, 2015
Award Amount: up to $200,000

The U.S. Embassy in Moscow invites proposals for a cooperative agreement to conduct professional exchanges in the U.S. for current or future Russian leaders. The program seeks to increase mutual understanding between the U.S. and Russia through carefully designed professional programs. Participants are current or potential Russian leaders in politics, media, education, science, non-government organizations, the arts, and other key fields.


Each project will focus on a specific substantive theme, to be determined by the Embassy. Potential project themes may include: (1) agriculture; (2) economic and business development; (3) education; (4) environmental issues; (5) freedom of information; (6) media; (7) rule of law; (8) science and technology; (9) tolerance and diversity; and (10) Women's Issues.


For more information, see here.



United States Department of Statefulbright
Core Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program
Deadline: August 3, 2015
OSP Deadline: July 27, 2015
Award Amount: grant benefits vary by country and type of award; generally speaking, grants are budgeted to cover travel and living costs for the grantee and their accompanying dependents

The core Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program provides approximately 800 teaching and/or research grants to U.S. faculty and experienced professionals in a wide variety of academic and professional fields. Grants are available in over 125 countries worldwide. Grant lengths vary in duration: applicants can propose projects for a period of two to 12 months.


In matching candidates with grant opportunities, preference will be given to candidates with the most relevant professional experience. U.S. citizenship is required. 

For more information, see here.



Sundance Institutesundance
Documentary Fund
Deadline: August 3, 2015
OSP Deadline: July 27, 2015
Award Amount: up to $50,000

The Sundance Documentary Fund provides strategic financial support to cinematic, feature documentaries from independent filmmakers globally. The Fund supports all stages of development, production, post-production, and strategic audience engagement.


Eligible projects display:

  • Artful film language;
  • Effective storytelling;
  • Originality and feasibility;
  • Contemporary cultural relevance; and
  • Potential to reach and connect with its intended audience.
Preference is given to projects that convey clear story structure, higher stakes and contemporary relevance, forward going action or questions, demonstrated access to subjects, and quality use of film craft.


For more information, see here.



National Science Foundationnsf_sts
Science, Technology, and Society
Deadline: August 3, 2015
OSP Deadline: July 27, 2015
Award Amount: up to $400,000

The Science, Technology, and Society (STS) program supports research that uses historical, philosophical, and social scientific methods to investigate the intellectual, material, and social facets of the scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical (STEM) disciplines. It encompasses a broad spectrum of STS topics including interdisciplinary studies of ethics, equity, governance, and policy issues that are closely related to STEM disciplines, including medical science. 


STS researchers make use of methods from a variety of disciplines, including anthropology, communication studies, history, philosophy, political science, and sociology. STS studies may be empirical or conceptual.


For more information, see here.



National Archives and Records Administrationnara_literacy
Literacy and Engagement with Historical Records
Draft Proposal Deadline [optional]: August 3, 2015
Full Proposal Deadline: October 8, 2015
OSP Deadline: October 1, 2015
Award Amount: $50,000 to $150,000 (cost sharing is required)

The National Historical Publications and Records Commission seeks projects that encourage citizen engagement with historical records, especially those available online, and/or projects that train people on how to enhance digital literacy skills for using historical records. The development of new online tools for literacy and engagement is highly encouraged.


The NHPRC is looking for projects that create models and technologies that other institutions can adopt without cost. In general, collaborations between archivists, documentary editors, historians, educators, and/or community-based individuals are more likely to create a competitive proposal.

For more information, see here.



National Archives and Records Administrationnara_dig_dissem
Digital Dissemination of Archival Collections
Draft Proposal Deadline [optional]: August 3, 2015
Full Proposal Deadline: October 8, 2015
OSP Deadline: October 1, 2015
Award Amount: $20,000 to $150,000 for 1 to 2 years (cost sharing is required)

The Digital Dissemination of Archival Collections program aims to make historical records of national significance to the United States broadly available through dissemination of digital surrogates on the internet. Projects may focus on the papers of major figures from American life or cover broad historical movements in politics, military, business, social reform, the arts, and other aspects of the national experience.


Applicants may digitize a single collection or sets of collections. Collaborations among repositories are encouraged. In addition, applicants may undertake more complex descriptive work, such as document transcription, tagging, or geo-referencing, if these additional access points are justified by the value of the material and its expected users.


For more information, see here.



Tribeca Film Institutetribeca
Documentary Fund
Deadline: August 3, 2015
OSP Deadline: August 5, 2015
Award Amount: $25, 000 to $50,000

The TFI Documentary Fund supports and furthers the development of exceptional character-driven, non-fiction works that spotlight contemporary themes with an original focus and bold, creative filmmaking.


The Fund supports films that: depict dramatic, complex and layered individuals; are grounded in the contemporary cultural environment; are first-person, or personal in nature; and are in the advanced stages of development, production or post-production. The Fund does not support short films or student projects.


For more information, see here.



National Archives and Records Administrationnara_publish
Publishing Historical Records in Documentary Editions
Deadline: August 3, 2015
OSP Deadline: August 5, 2015
Award Amount: $30,000 to $200,000 over one year

The National Historical Publications and Records Commission seeks proposals to publish documentary editions of historical records. Projects may focus on the papers of major figures from American history or cover broad historical movements in politics, military, business, social reform, the arts, and other aspects of the national experience.


The goal of this program is to provide access to, and editorial context for, the historical documents and records that tell the American story. The NHPRC encourages projects, whenever possible and appropriate, to provide access to these materials in a free and open online environment, without precluding other forms of publication.

Grants are awarded for collecting, describing, preserving, compiling, editing, and publishing documentary source materials in print and online.


For more information, see here.



Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundationfirestone_graham
Letter of Inquiry Deadline: August 1, 2015
OSP Deadline: July 24, 2015
Sponsor Full Proposal Deadline: September 15, 2015
Award Amount: $5,000 to $15,000

The Foundation supports direct costs for catalogues and other publications accompanying contemporary art exhibitions and projects, especially those supporting emerging and under-recognized artists, and produced by organizations outside the nation's cultural centers. Limited funds are also available for publications related to the grantee organization and its programs or collections. 


The Foundation does not provide grants for individuals, general operating expenses, capital campaigns, endowment funds, or projects solely featuring the work of deceased artists. One-time special projects are preferred. To be considered, project dates must fall within one year of the funding cycle in which the organization is requesting funds. 


For more information, see here.



Regional Studies Associationrsa_network
Research and Policy (Research Networks)
Deadline: July 31, 2015
OSP Deadline: July 24, 2015
Award Amount: 10,000

The Regional Studies Association (RSA), a leading global learned society in the field of regional studies and regional science, introduced an increased Research Network funding scheme available in 2015 and 2016 only. Up to five Research Networks receive up to 10,000 each in 2015 and an additional five Networks will be funded under the same scheme in 2016.


The purpose of a Research Network is to examine an issue of interest and concern to members of the Association, normally both corporate and individual. The issue need not necessarily have a direct policy focus but the examination would normally lead to policy-related conclusions. 


Eligible applicants must be RSA members.


For more information, see here.



Andrew W. Mellon Foundationnew_directions
New Directions Fellowships
Harvard has been invited to submit one proposal to the Mellon Foundation. The Office of the Vice Provost for Research (OVPR) will hold an internal competition to select one candidate to submit a full proposal to the Foundation. 
Harvard Pre-Proposal Deadline: July 24, 2015, by 5PM
OSP Deadline: October 2, 2015
Sponsor Deadline: October 9, 2015
Award Amount: up to $300,000

New Directions Fellowships assist faculty members in the humanities, broadly understood to include the arts, history, languages, area studies, and zones of such fields as anthropology and geography that bridge the humanities and social sciences. Fellows pursue systematic training and academic competencies outside their own special fields in order to advance a cross-disciplinary research agenda.  


Eligible candidates include humanities faculty who received their doctorates between 2003 and 2009 and whose research interests call for formal training in a discipline other than the one in which they are expert. Such training may consist of coursework or other programs of organized study and may take place either at the fellows' home institutions or elsewhere, as appropriate. 


For more information, see here.



DAAD North Americadaad
Short-Term Lectureships for German Guest Lecturers
Deadline: July 22, 2015
OSP Deadline: July 15, 2015
Award Amount: stipend for housing, living expenses, transportation, and the shipment of teaching materials and personal luggage

The program aims to promote activity in specialized fields, help fill curricular gaps, or act as a stimulus for teaching and research. Open to scholars from all disciplines, the lectureship lasts from four weeks to six months at host North American institutions. 


The application is jointly filed by the host institution and prospective guest lecturer


For more information, see here.



National Endowment for the Humanitiesneh_hcrr
Humanities Collections and Reference Resources
Deadline: July 21, 2015
OSP Deadline: July 14, 2015
Award Amount: up to $350,000 over 3 years (implementation projects); up to $40,000 over 2 years (foundations projects)

Thousands of libraries, archives, museums, and historical organizations across the country maintain important collections of books and manuscripts, photographs, sound recordings, and moving images, archaeological and ethnographic artifacts, art and material culture, and digital objects. Funding from this program strengthens efforts to extend the life of such materials and make their intellectual content widely accessible, often through the use of digital technology.


Awards are also made to create various reference resources that facilitate use of cultural materials, from works that provide basic information quickly to tools that synthesize and codify knowledge of a subject for in-depth investigation. 


HCRR offers two kinds of awards: 1) for implementation and 2) for planning, assessment, and pilot efforts (HCRR Foundation grants).


For more information, see here.



National Endowment for the Humanitiesneh_stipends
Summer Stipends
Faculty members teaching full-time at colleges or universities must be nominated by their institutions. Each institution may nominate two faculty members. Independent scholars, emeritus, adjunct, and part-time faculty, and staff members who are not faculty members and will not be teaching during the academic year preceding the award tenure are all exempt from nomination.
Internal Competition Deadline: July 20, 2015
Sponsor Deadline: October 1, 2015
Award Amount: $6,000 over two months


Summer Stipends support individuals pursuing advanced research that is of value to humanities scholars, general audiences, or both. Recipients usually produce articles, monographs, books, digital materials, archaeological site reports, translations, editions, or other scholarly resources.


The Stipends support continuous full-time work on a humanities project for a period of two consecutive months; projects may be at any stage of development. 


Individuals who have held or been awarded a major fellowship or research grant or its equivalent within the three academic years prior to the deadline are ineligible. A "major fellowship or research grant" is a postdoctoral research award that provides a stipend of at least $15,000. Grants from an individual's own institution and stipends and grants from other sources supporting study and research during the summer are not considered major fellowships.


For more information on Summer Stipends, see here.

For more information on the internal competition, see here.


The Research Development (RD) team provides resources and support to FAS faculty seeking funding. This support includes: finding funding; proposal development; programs and workshops; and grantsmanship advice and strategy. To learn more, please visit our website or contact Caitlin McDermott-Murphy at cmcdermottmurphy@fas.harvard.edu or 617-496-2618.