Over the next several years, the FAS Research Development group will track and disseminate all funding opportunities related to the BRAIN Initiative. These funding opportunities will be sent to a targeted list of faculty. That list includes faculty affiliates of the Center for Brain Science (CBS) and the Mind Brain Behavior (MBB) Interfaculty Initiative. This project is being carried out in collaboration with the Center for Brain Science. All opportunities will be archived and recipients may unsubscribe at any time.

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BRAIN: Research Opportunities Using Invasive Neural Recording and Stimulating Technologies in the Human Brain (U01) - 
Anticipated FOA Release Date: Late in the 2015 calendar year

Human studies using invasive technology to record or modulate neural circuits require extensive planning and expense. As a result, these studies are often constrained by a limited number of patients and resources available to implement complex experimental protocols and are rarely aggregated in a matter sufficient to address high-impact neuroscience questions with appropriate power. Furthermore, these small scale projects rarely identify or retain additional sources of data beyond their primary endpoints, which could be of high value to the wider scientific community. With this FOA, the NIH seeks to address these fundamental barriers by supporting planning efforts and exploratory research studies investigating high-impact questions in human neuroscience and disorders of the human nervous system. Projects should develop multidisciplinary teams to maximize opportunities to conduct neuroscience research arising from invasive surgical procedures that provide the unique ability to record and stimulate neurons within precisely localized brain structures in humans. Integrated teams should consist of clinicians, scientists, device engineers, mathematicians, statisticians, data scientists, regulatory specialists and/or ethics specialists.

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Webcast of the NIH BRAIN Initiative Multi-Council Working Group Meeting
Webcast Date: July 30, 2015, 8:00am

The purpose of the meeting is to receive feedback and guidance on funding opportunity announcements, submitted applications, and strategic planning for the NIH component of The BRAIN Initiative. The MCWG is comprised of 10 representatives from the Advisory Councils of the 10 participating BRAIN Institutes/Centers (including NINDS), 5 at-large members, and ex officio representatives from the other participating federal agencies. The meeting will also provide an opportunity for private entities/foundations to present on their contribution to BRAIN, including but not limited to: Allen Brain Institute, Kavli, Simons Foundation, HHMI/Janelia Farms. Information presented and gathered at this meeting will support the development of future funding opportunity announcements for the Initiative, set to continue until 2025.

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