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Over the next several years, the FAS Research Development group will track and disseminate all funding opportunities related to the BRAIN Initiative. These funding opportunities will be sent to a targeted list of faculty. The list will include faculty affiliates of the Center for Brain Science (CBS) and the Mind Brain Behavior (MBB) Interfaculty Initiative. This project is being carried out in collaboration with the Center for Brain Science. All opportunities will be archived and recipients may unsubscribe at any time.


FAS Research Development
BRAIN Initiative Update

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) will host a conference call to discuss the next steps for the BRAIN Initiative on Wednesday, March 5th at 4:00pm EST. The conference call will highlight the progress of the BRAIN Initiative and will outline new commitments from companies, health systems, patient advocacy organizations, philanthropists, state governments, research universities, private research institutes, and scientific societies that will help advance the goals of this project.


To RSVP for the conference call, please email Put BRAIN March 5th RSVP in the subject line and include your contact information in the body of the text.


Contact Jennifer Corby at in FAS Research Development with your questions or feedback.  

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