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FAS Research Development
Opportunities in the Arts and Humanities
April, 2013
Upcoming Events

neheventNational Endowment for the Humanities
Program Officer Visit and Faculty Panel
April 22, 2013 9:30-11:30am
Lamont Library Forum Room
Limited space still available!

Registration is still open for the FAS Research Development hosted visit from Marc Ruppel, PhD, Senior Program Officer for the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Division of Public Programs on April 22, 2013.  Dr. Ruppel will present an overview of NEH funding and strategies for success, followed by a panel of Harvard faculty who have received NEH funding and/or served as NEH peer reviewers.  There will be opportunities for questions and discussion throughout the program.  This is a rare opportunity to learn more about NEH funding directly from a program officer and other Harvard faculty.

All faculty and administrators are invited.  If you have not yet registered, register here to attend.

Funding Opportunities
Unless otherwise noted, full proposals must be submitted to OSP for review five business days in advance of the sponsor deadline.  For questions regarding any of the opportunities listed below, please contact Erin Cromack, Research Development Officer, at or 617-496-5252

klugeLibrary of Congress
Kluge Fellowships
Deadline: July 15, 2013
Stipend: $4,200/month for up to eleven months
Eligible Disciplines: All disciplines in the humanities, social sciences and law

The Library of Congress invites qualified scholars to conduct research in the John W. Kluge Center using the Library of Congress collections and resources for a period of up to eleven months.  Among the collections available to researchers are the world's largest law library and outstanding multilingual collections of books and periodicals. Deep special collections of manuscripts, maps, music, films, recorded sound, prints and photographs are also available.  The Kluge Center especially encourages humanistic and social science research that makes use of the Library's large and varied collections. Interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, or multilingual research is particularly welcome. Scholars who have received a terminal advanced degree within the seven years of the July 15 deadline in the humanities, social sciences or in a professional field such as architecture or law are eligible.  Exceptions may be made for individuals without continuous academic careers.  


For more information, see here


hcrrNational Endowment for the Humanities
Bridging Cultures through Film: International Topics
Deadline: June 12, 2013
Award Amount: up to $800,000 over 1-3 years
Eligible Disciplines: languages; linguistics; literature; history; jurisprudence; philosophy; archaeology; comparative religion; ethics; the history, criticism and theory of the arts; social sciences with humanistic content and methods

The Bridging Cultures through Film: International Topics program supports documentary films that examine international and transnational themes in the humanities. These projects are meant to spark Americans' engagement with the broader world by exploring countries and cultures outside of the United States. Proposed documentaries must be analytical and deeply grounded in humanities scholarship.  The Division of Public Programs encourages innovative nonfiction storytelling that presents multiple points of view in creative formats. The proposed film should range in length from thirty minutes to a feature-length documentary.


For more information, see here

sahSociety of Architectural History/Mellon Author Awards
Deadline: June 1, 2013
Award Amount: Unspecified - SAH anticipates awarding approximately ten awards totaling $51,330
Eligible Disciplines: History of architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism and related subjects

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) a one-year grant to administer the SAH/Mellon Author Awards.  The awards will provide financial relief to early-career scholars who are publishing monographs on architectural history and the history of the built environment, and who are responsible for paying for rights and permissions for images in their publications.  Through this grant, SAH will provide awards to emerging scholars (those with PhDs earned during the past six years) to help defray the high costs of image licensing and reproduction for monographs on the history of the built environment.  Awards will be made for print (hardcover, soft cover) and digital publications (ebook, DVD).  Applications will be considered only for book-length, scholarly manuscripts on architectural history and the history of the built environment that are currently under contract with a publisher.  Awardees will be selected on the basis of the quality and demonstrated financial need for their project.

For more information, see here.

doscaaU.S. Department of State
Creative Arts Exchange
Deadline: May 6, 2013
Award Amount: up to $800,000
Eligible Disciplines: Creative Arts

Creative Arts Exchange (CAE) initiatives are arts-based international people-to-people exchanges that support and further U.S. Department of State foreign policy objectives.  Programs are implemented in close coordination with U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad. Eligible themes under this competition include Economic Statecraft and the Arts, Arts in Collaboration, Community Engagement through the Arts, and Professional Development in the Arts.

The Creative Arts Exchange supports exchanges that:
  • promote mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries;  
  • provide unique opportunities for artistic collaboration, engagement and/or performance between American artists and international participants;  
  • convey the diversity and high artistic merit of the arts in America as well as increasing awareness and understanding of American art, culture, values and society for international participants and audiences
  • foster opportunities for educational outreach and community engagement with diverse and underserved communities, especially youth, women, and persons with disabilities
  • and engage participants in instructive and informative experiences in their art form; and create opportunities for sustaining relationships and collaboration between U.S. and international artists and institutions that endure beyond program duration.

For more information, see here.

wgcwgWenner-Gren Foundation
Conference and Workshop Grants
Deadline: June 1, 2013
Award Amount: up to $20,000
Eligible Disciplines: Anthropology

The Wenner-Gren Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of anthropology throughout the world.  Conference and Workshop Grants support events that foster the creation of an international community of research scholars in anthropology and advance significant and innovative anthropological research.


Conferences are defined as public events that are comprised primarily of oral and poster presentations to a larger audience of anthropologists. Priority is given to major conferences sponsored by large international anthropological organizations that serve as their annual or periodic meetings.  


Workshops are defined as working meetings that focus on developing and debating topical issues in theoretical anthropology. Workshops involve a small group of scholars who meet for a sufficient period of time to deal intensively with the topic. Priority is given to those workshops that devote the majority of time to discussion and debate rather than to the presentation of papers. It is expected that workshops will result in a publication.


For more information, see here.

wgicrgWenner-Gren Foundation
International Collaborative Research Grants
Deadline: June 1, 2013
Award Amount: up to $35,000
Eligible Disciplines: Anthropology

The International Collaborative Research Grant (ICRG) supports international research collaborations between two or more qualified scholars, where the principal investigators bring different and complementary perspectives, knowledge, and/or skills to the project. Supplemental funds are also available to provide essential training for academic research participants in ICRG-funded projects (co-applicants, students, as well as other professional colleagues). The grant is intended to contribute to the development of an international anthropology that values and incorporates different national perspectives and resources, and to build capacity in countries where anthropology may be under-resourced.

For more information, see here.

Erin Cromack
Research Development Officer
Unless otherwise noted, all applications must be submitted to OSP for review five business days in advance of the sponsor deadline.