Tuesday August 11th, 2015
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Bright Ideas in Human Genetics
Can aspirin prevent cancer? Effect of medications depends on your genetics
The dice role of genetics means that people can respond to identical drugs dramatically differently. So if you think you're not getting the same benefit from an over-the-counter medicine you've taken that others are getting, you just might be right.
Food & Agriculture
Nutritionist Michelle McGuire responds to attacks in wake of ‘glyphosate not in milk’ study
Washington State lactation scientist target of USTRK FOIA and anti-GMO activist attacks after finding glyphosate not in human breast milk.
Our microbiome: Separating hype from health
Bees, breastfeeding and epigenetics: Can nutrition alter our genes?
Sci-Fi suspended animation: Not the same as cryonics but might save your life
While UK embraces life-saving germline editing, US mired in debate as promising life-saving cases go untreated
Kevin Folta discusses “ties” to GMO industry, challenges of biotech literacy communication
Challenging myths: Yes, seeds that grow organic food are often patented
3 ways GMO rice could improve world but tech hurdles and anti-GMO protests block way
Does Monsanto “control” the world food supply by abusing patent protections?

GLP Daily: Around the Web – August 11, 2015
Food & Agriculture
Biotech Gallery
Organic Consumers Association funded Gary Ruskin, who led failed 2013 California GMO labeling effort, targets independent scientists, biotech advocates
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July 31, 2015
Jesse L. Goodman
Georgetown University Medical Center

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