Tuesday July 28th, 2015
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Bright Ideas in Human Genetics
New wave of HIV vaccines: Promises that can be fulfilled or more pipe dreams?
A cure for AIDS has remained elusive despite occasional if brief bursts of research optimism. We again are witnessing a new wave of drug candidates. What are the prospects?
Food & Agriculture
As disease threatens Uganda’s banana crop, ActionAid and anti-GMO groups fan fears
Uganda is an emerging battle ground where anti-GMO activists try to scuttle introduction of a transgenic banana that could rescue the region's once prosperous but now beleaguered banana industry threatened by disease.
Swan song for antibiotics? Can phage therapy and gene editing fill the gap?
Star Trek, synbio and sustainable food: Will Friends of the Earth and other activists block the future?
A rabbi and an alien walk into a bar: What happens when religious leaders meet extraterrestrials?
Water: California drought yet water bottles everywhere
Hero of Neil Young’s anti-GMO doc ‘Seeding Fear’ is confessed thief
Why regulators conclude glyphosate safe while IARC, alone, claims it could cause cancer?
Fraud or drift? USDA finds 43 percent of organic foods contain ‘prohibited’ substances
Turning big promises with ‘big data’ in agriculture into farmer and consumer benefits

GLP Daily: Around the Web – July 28, 2015
Food & Agriculture
Biotech Gallery
Anti-GMO pro mandatory labeling movement has its leader: Former ethical entrepreneur turned virulent propagandist
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July 24, 2015
Claudine Isaacs
Georgetown University
Parvin Peddi
University of California, Los Angeles

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