Tuesday July 21st, 2015
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Bright Ideas in Human Genetics
Neuroscience of free will: Does reaching for beer with robotic arm mean free will doesn’t exist?
If we can predict a personís intentions by picking up brain signals then how 'free' is our will and are our minds?
Food & Agriculture
How to scare people into supporting bad policy on bees and other pollinators
If you are a scientist with an agenda, nothing works better than cooking up a "modeling" study: junk in, junk out.
High-risk world of rare genetic diseases: Research efforts improving
Science explainer: We may not resurrect dinosaurs but other extinct animals likely to be revived
Donít stop drinking orange juice: Citrus-cancer link overblown
Can aging be treated with drugs?
The fall of Gary Hirshberg: From reformer to reactionary anti-science propagandist?
Beemageddon? As hysteria over honey bees recedes, anti-neonic narrative refocuses on wild bees
With Will Saletan’s Slate takedown of anti-GMOers, liberal debate about GMO benefits now over
Farm to boardroom: US organic industry dominated by mega corporations

GLP Daily: Around the Web – July 21, 2015
Food & Agriculture
Biotech Gallery
Rodale has become the 'go to' organization for claims about the claimed 'superior science' of organic farming. But it's findings are often at odds with independent peer reviewed science, say critics.
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