Tuesday July 7th, 2015
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Bright Ideas in Human Genetics
Precision medicine inches along
More than a decade ago, we sequenced the human genome with hope that disease cures might soon follow. Finding treatment targets has proved harder to come by but hopes are still high.
Food & Agriculture
Farmers abandoning organic farming despite lure of higher price premiums
Organic food sales are booming and some studies claim it's more profitable for farmers because of cprice premiums. But costs and rigid regulations raise doubts about claims, as farmers switch to conventional.
Do you think you have NCGS–gluten sensitivity? Proceed with caution in age of mail order genetic tests
Global scientists assess homeopathy-funded SÚralini study claiming all GMO tests ‘contaminated’
Chimera alert? Myths and facts of human-non-human animal hybrids in medicine
Teen boy checklist: Graduate high school, freeze sperm, go to college
Why Whole Foods and Chipotle’s anti-GMO campaigning has lost my business
American attitudes toward GMO foods divides by education and gender, not politics nor religion
UK GM wheat trial highlights costs of violent activism
Can a skeptical public be persuaded to embrace GMO foods? Yes, if we want sustainable agriculture

GLP Daily: Around the Web – July 7, 2015
Food & Agriculture
Biotech Gallery
Known by some as the "Environmental Worrying Group," EWG lobbies for tighter GMO legislation and famously puts out annual "dirty dozen" list of fruits and vegetables containing minute levels of pesticides, which it claims are harmful.
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