Tuesday June 30th, 2015
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Bright Ideas in Human Genetics
Teen boy checklist: Graduate high school, freeze sperm, go to college
A UK bioethicist urges young men to freeze sperm so their kids won’t run a higher risk of inheriting genetic mutations more commonly found in older sperm. And he believes the government should pay for it.
Food & Agriculture
Anti-GMOers claim Monsanto controls the world food supply. What are the facts?
Is there truth to a common anti-GMO narrative that large multi-national companies seek to “control the food supply” through patents and the ownership of seed companies?
DNA forensics not as infallible as investigators claim — But not because of science
Epic FBI DNA database may reveal private health information
Creating Superwoman (and man): Who will benefit from coming age of human enhancement?
Headlines tout Jurassic World in offing but scientists, journalists separate fact from fiction
Organic milk vs. Conventional milk: Why nutrition expert is ditching organic
GMO ‘Right to Know’ movement takes food off of plates of hungry in Africa, Asia
Asthma and Atopic March Syndrome caused by GMOs? Science says ‘No’
National Academy forum challenges anti-GMO claim that DNA in food ‘invades’ bloodstream

GLP Daily: Around the Web – June 30, 2015
Food & Agriculture
Biotech Gallery
Blaylock cropped
Rivaling Food Babe in the dissemination of pseudo-science, a once distinguished neurosurgeon now promotes a wagon-full of alternative health junk science, including the view that food additives and GMOs are dangerous.
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