Tuesday June 23rd, 2015
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Bright Ideas in Human Genetics
Will genetic cyber-athletes come to dominate sports?
The era of the über-athlete may be nearer than most people think, and it will spark fierce ethical debates. The most powerful argument for allowing genetic interventions is that there is a hazy and debatable line between “health restoration” and “performance enhancement.”
Food & Agriculture
National Academy forum challenges anti-GMO claim that DNA in food ‘invades’ bloodstream
Can science self-correct to protect against sloppy or politicized research? Scientist Mary Mangan discusses the controversy over a study that suggesting that microRNAs from commonly eaten plants could alter the physiology of animals, including humans, in ways that could be harmful.
Soldiers in combat: Evidence of brain deterioration similar to advanced aging
Scientist deconstructs Séralini’s PLOS GMO study: ‘Failed attempt at redemption’
Mitochondrial medicine: Pushing the limits of resuscitation
Preventing brain disease by eating brains? Science doesn’t support sensationalized reporting
Newsmax unmasked: How scare stories are manufactured by right wing anti-GMO activists
Hollywood celebrities embrace pseudoscience, promote anti-GMO movie “Consumed”
Organic industry and other funders behind Séralini’s anti-GMO studies
The anti-Rachel Parent: 10-year-old future scientist counters sea of GMO misinformation
Biotech Gallery
Blaylock cropped
GLP Facts: Russell Blaylock
Rivaling Food Babe in the dissemination of pseudo-science, a once distinguished neurosurgeon now promotes a wagon-full of alternative health junk science, including the view that food additives and GMOs are dangerous.
French molecular geneticist's latest publication, now delayed indefinitely--maintains that all safety studies of pesticides and genetically modified foods are “invalid” because, the researchers claim, the dried feeds used as control diets for lab animals are “contaminated” by GMOs, pesticides, heavy metals and other substances.
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GLP Daily: Around the Web – June 23, 2015
Food & Agriculture

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