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MONDAY, JULY 29, 2013
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Ibrahim Omer | Genetic Literacy Project
A broad suite of genetic and historical evidence points to an ancient Jewish heritage for Ethiopian Jews, contradicting established theory stating that Ethiopian Jews arose as a group of Ethiopian Christians who adopted Judaism.
Chris Weller | Medical Daily
Optimism and pessimism are not purely genetic; we have some control over our perception of the world.
Ed Yong | National Geographic
Researchers have shut down the third, extra, Down's-syndrome-causing copy of the 21st chromosome in human cells.
Amy Klein | Sydney Morning Herald
Is aging a process that we simply have to accept as a fact of life or is it something we can thwart though biological research?
Genetic Literacy Project
The web is overflowing with infographics and snappy lists full of falsehoods about crop biotech, from "Top 7 myths about GM foods and Monsanto" to "10 reasons why we don't need GM foods. Here's our own, more accurate list.
Jimmy Botella | TEDxTalks
Plant biotechnologist Jimmy Botella busts the naturalistic fallacy and reveals the reality of our "unnatural" natural food supply.
Federico Davila & Nicholas Rose | Conversation
Biotech's focus on increasing food production ignores the fact that mass hunger exists alongside a huge surplus.
Nathanael Johnson | Grist
With a full understanding of the science, is genetic engineering really all that different than traditional breeding.
Gen-ius - Bright Ideas on the Future of Genetics
Douglas Quenqua | New York Times
A gift for spatial reasoning-the kind that may inspire a child to dismantle a clock-may be a greater predictor of future creativity or innovation than math or verbal skills.
Jonathon Keats | New Scientist
The more we know about the nature of reproduction, the more we can control it -- and our own future as a species. So suggests biological anthropologist Robert Martin in his book How We Do It.
Regulation & Bioethics
Gene Quinn | IPWatchdog
Farmers attempting to preemptively sue Monsanto lost their case: irrational fear of a patent holder is insufficient to support declaratory judgment jurisdiction.
Jon Entine | Ethical Corporation
Supermarkets in North America and Europe are overflowing with organic-labelled fruit, vegetables, eggs and meats but consumers willing to pay a premium for organic products may get little more than a psychological boost.
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