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Newsletter ~ November 22, 2015
Hebrew Year 5776 ~ Securing the Gates of Our Future
The Year of Opening Up New Store Houses

Kingdom Rain International Mandate/Mission

Build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth by Restoring and Advancing the People of God.
Meeting Times for Kingdom Rain
Sundays, November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
Wednesdays, November 4, 11, 18, NO meeting on the 25th
Adults ~ Toddler's Class (One and walking through Three years old)
and Children's Class (Four years old to Eight years old)

Informative articles in Newsletter
(Article Blocks on Topics Below)

Kingdom Rain Thanksgiving Dinner
Time to Understand First Fruits and Step into the Blessings of God
By Rick and Mary Beth McElroy
Believer's Church "Tenacious Love" Conference.  Audio replay by
Shawn Bolz and Danny Silk exhortations for The Bride.
First Fruits ~  Month of Kislev; Tribe of Benjamin
Charisma Magazine Prophetic Article:
Heaven's Prophetic Assignments By John Eckhardt
Awaken Our Prophetic Destiny for our Future Conference with
Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets ~  Webcasting in with Glory of Zion
Wedding Reception for Chad Heil and Elizabeth McElroy
Kingdom Rain Ministries ~ Glory of Zion Sunday Replays
Elijah List Articles
Kingdom Rain Thanksgiving Dinner 
Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 26, 2015
May the spirit of thanksgiving bring you love, laughter and a warm heart.
Psalm 107:1  "Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, his love endures forever."

Mandy McElroy told us Wednesday evening that we are needing a variety of Salad type dishes and desserts!
Great Are You LORD!
Great Are You LORD!

Thank you LORD that we can come together to share the bounty that you have blessed us with!
Sunday Dinner ~ November 22, 2015

Thanksgiving Dinner
SEE Article Block Above on What to Bring
Bring any items related to the entree.
(We begin at 5:30 PM)
Salads ~ Garden, Pasta, Vegetables, Fruit, Side Dishes ~ Casseroles, Macaroni and Cheese, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Mashed or Sweet Potatoes, Finger Foods, Chips, Dips, Salsa, Bread, Rolls, Desserts
Drinks Provided: Coffee, Water, Ice Tea
Why First Fruits?
Time to Understand First Fruits
and Step into the Blessings of God

Crown for KRIM
Dear Kingdom Rain,

First Fruits principle is an important principle of the Word of God and to Him.  At Kingdom Rain, we celebrate First Fruits. It is the new moon Festival on the Hebrew calendar. God has restored this back to His people and we are His people. This significant celebration was ordained of God in the beginning after Adam and Eve fell. It was the plan of the enemy after Jesus rose again to get a people out of the timing of God and
His blessings. One of those ways was to re-order our time/calendar in order to keep us ignorant of the cycles of blessings that God intends for His children. Yes, God's blessing overtakes us just because we are His, but there are also those principles of God which bring forth greater simply because there are principles of God in the earth. For instance, a non believer who "gives, loves, serves, etc" will be blessed beyond measure. NOT because they are a Christian but they honor what God honors and they have stepped into a principle of God.  Principles can't be stopped. God is a Father who does not lie and is Faithful to bring forth all that He ordained. 

God has been restoring all things back to Himself since that time.  Jesus is our First Fruits and He is the perfect picture of a First Fruit. 

We have put together several articles that we have written over the last few years to bring a compilation of revelation for you to come into a GREATER understanding.  We invite you to LOOK AGAIN! Save this document to revisit.  Lead others into the revelation of God concerning First Fruits.  No matter if you have
First Fruits ~ Steve McConnell
First Fruits
Steve McConnell
celebrated First Fruits for years or just being awakened to the principle.  Rick and I are confident that celebrating First Fruits corporately together moves us all into the blessing of First Fruits whether you understand or not.  We will honor what God honors. 

   All our love to you,
  Rick and Mary Beth
Must Hear Exhortation of the Lord;
Shawn Boltz and Danny Silk

Dear Kingdom Rain,

Over the last few months, God has made Himself known to us in dramatic ways that is changing our perspective how we see, how we speak, how we hear and how we live.  Amazing Grace!  We truly are in the midst of an outpouring of Jesus Himself through us on the earth.

In September, Believer's Church had a conference "Tenacious Love".  During that Conference Shawn Bolz as well as Danny Silk released timely and revelatory exhortations to
the body of Christ. The Bride.

They are speaking what God is revealing to us at Kingdom Rain. We meet to pray, and to hear and to interceded so that the people of God can advance the Father's Heart. We are in the greatest days of the shifting
out of religion as this antichrist spirit that we have participated with is being exposed and dismantled. Hallelujah! Great Freedom.

Below are the url codes for the Conferences in September at Believer's Church in Tulsa.  Shawn Bolz on Friday afternoon. LISTEN!  Then, Danny Silk on Friday night! and Saturday morning. LISTEN!  And receive the wind of the Spirit for Today! Today we hear the voice of the Lord. Today!

With great Joy!
Rick and Mary Beth McElroy

"Tenacious Love" Conference, Tulsa OK ~ Shawn Boltz

"Tenacious Love" Conference, Tulsa OK ~ Danny Silk

"Tenacious Love" Conference, Tulsa OK ~ Danny Silk

The Month of Kislev and The Tribe of Benjamin
Kislev / November
The 9th Hebrew Month
November 13 - December 12, Hebrew year 5776
Benjamin - Son of my right hand, only children born in the land
Samech - 60, prop, support, coming full circle
Sagittarius - Archer, bow
Sleep/Dreams - Night dreams and visions
Belly/Womb - River of God begins
to flow in belly
Develop war strategies, enter new level trust, tranquility, peace.

CLICK HERE for more information about this month.
CLICK HERE for Robert Heidler's teaching on Kislev.

Charisma Magazine Prophetic Article
Heaven's Prophetic Assignments
By John Eckhardt
Something is stirring inside, but it has been silenced or misunderstood.  
Prophet, arise! Your time has come.
God puts a prophet through a process of refinement. God purges the prophet and develops their character. The prophet has to respond to the dealings of God in his or her own life before they can effectively deal with the problems in the lives of others.
Sometimes as a prophet you will feel as if you are in a furnace. You may find yourself saying, "God, why are You dealing so strongly with me? Why don't You deal with everyone else like this?" Don't give up, prophet. Go through the process.
A prophet is a vessel. God purges His vessels. God will take the dross (impurities) out of your life. You have to become the raw material to be a prophetic vessel. Go through the process. Let the fire burn.
Prophet, don't allow guilt, shame and condemnation to prevent you from accepting and walking in your calling. Many prophets struggle with feelings of inadequacy as a result of their past. Isaiah was purged and was sent. Allow the Lord to purge you from sins of the past, walk clean before the Lord and fulfill your call.
Moses distinguished himself as a prophet by his faithfulness (Numbers 12:7). Be faithful to the call and commission.

CLICK HERE for the complete article.

AWAKEN our Prophetic Destiny for the Future
Kingdom Rain will be joining Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets by webcast for the Awakening our "Prophet Destiny for the Future".

God has been speaking to us at Kingdom Rain that we have entered a Movement of God Himself upon the earth.  Every week as we are meeting God is activating us into this movement of Kingdom Comes!  Dutch and Chuck believe now is the time and the hour to activate the people into this Appeal to Heaven movement.

Blessings, Mary Beth McElroy

Friday, November 20th at 6:30 PM
Bring an appetizer and/or a dessert.

NO Saturday Intercessory Prayer

All day Saturday, November 22nd 
Morning Session ~ 9:00 AM - noon; then Lunch Break
Afternoon Session ~ 2:00 - 5:00 PM; then Dinner Break
Evening Session ~ 7:00 PM Worship Service

Chuck Pierce
Chuck Pierce writes:  Revival and awakening occur when the Spirit of God comes alive in our blood system, producing a cleansed conscience. The enemy wars with all of his might to keep the consciences of God's people blinded. If he can do this, he can block the anointing that will break his yoke in the earth realm. Because of the world's influences, our conscience struggles to stay pure so we can see God. That means that in the midst of the war, we must be fervent and disciplined in the battle over our conscience. This is a major key to revival and awakening!

To be revived means to be restored to life or to live again. One of the leaders who embodies this call is Dutch Sheets. He holds a burning desire for a sweeping revival to return this nation to its Godly heritage. He is also a messenger of hope, and is traveling across this nation for a series of gatherings to raise an appeal to Heaven for revival in this land. I have asked Dutch to join me here at the Global Spheres Center on November 20-22 for Awakening Our Prophetic Destiny for the Future!

 I hope many of you can gather with us to:

Develop Your Warfare Strategies for Triumph!
Receive a New Prophetic Anointing!
Align with the Appeal to Heaven for our Nation!
Release Passionate Worship to Change the Atmosphere of this Land!

First Fruits Celebration
Join Us At Kingdom Rain
We will celebrate on 
Sunday, December 13, 2015
Gather at 5:30 PM at Kingdom Rain

Come join us at Kingdom Rain to celebrate the month of Tevet and the Tribe of Dan
First Fruits is one of the greatest revelations that God has restored back to the body of Christ.  It is the time to give God our First!  First Fellowship as a people of God,  First Praise, First Worship, First PrayerFirst Offering........  First Fruits are the seeds of our "First" which bring in a harvest.

The Lord communicates with His people and desires for each of us to hear His voice clearly so we understand the times.

CLICK HERE for more information about Kislev.

Reception for Chad Heil and Elizabeth McElroy
      Dear Beloved Kingdom Rain Family,

We are overwhelmed in the goodness of God in celebrating
the coming union of Covenant Marriage of our daughter,
Miss Elizabeth McElroy to Mr. Chad Heil.

Chad and Elizabeth chose a beautiful venue for their
wedding on Saturday, December 5.  This venue has limited seating
and capacity; therefore, the invitation list to the wedding is also limited.

It is in our hearts for All to celebrate with us in great thanksgiving
this beautiful gift of marriage.  Thus, we will have a reception with our Kingdom Rain Family on Sunday, December 13th at 4:30 PM. 
This will be a time to share in praise and worship together with the
Heil's as well as release blessings and inspired prophecy by
the Holy Spirit. We will move into our Sunday dinner and worship
at our normal time of 5:30 PM.

With all our love,
Rick and Mary Beth McElroy

Kingdom Rain Ministries

Tuesday Morning Prayer November 3, 10, 17, 24
at 6:30 AM ~ Lead by David Pesta
For more information you can contact David at  or call him at 918.606.5774.

Saturday Intercessory Prayer ~ October 31
November 7, 14, NO meeting on the 21st & 28th at 9:00 AM
Lead by Betty Bond
For more information you can contact her at 918.809.4448.

Business Round Table ~ Held every other month
Next meeting will be November 16 at 6:30 PM
Lead by Scott and Mandy McElroy ~ For more information contact or

Prophetic Revelation, and Healing Prayer ~ Provides Holy Spirit led prayer for individuals "as requested" for any type of need. Two or three ministry team members will press in to hear from God and interact with those needing prayer and direction in their life. Restoration Prayer ~ Is a unique inner healing
and deliverance 
ministry. A prayer ministry team will co-labor with you to find the wounded areas in your life. These areas include abuses, brokenness, deception, and believed lies. The ministry team will lead you to healing and restoration in each area. With a healed past, you can walk into your future destiny to which you have been called.

Prophetic Revelation, Healing, and Restoration Prayer Ministry
lead by Jim and Nancy Davis is available on
Monday Mornings at 9 AM & 10:30 AM
and Thursday Evenings 6:00 PM by appointment only.
To schedule a appointment, please contact Jim Davis at
Glory of Zion Replays and Events

Sunday, November 15, 2015 ~ 7:30 AM
Keith Pierce ~ "Are You Going Back
Fishing Again?"
  CLICK HERE for replay.

Sunday, November 15, 2015 ~ 9:00 AM
Robert Heidler ~ "KISLEV, the Month of Benjamin: A Time to Uncover Your True Identity!"
 CLICK HERE for replay.

Join us at Kingdom Rain to participate with Glory Of Zion;
Chuck Pierce and Dutch Pierce who will be speaking on "Awakening our Prophetic Destiny for the Future!"
See article block above for details.

Elijah List Articles

"Our Becoming Prophetic"
Wade E. Taylor, formerly Nanjemoy, MD
CLICK HERE for article.

"Bringing Heaven to Earth through Agreement"
James W. Goll, Franklin, TN
CLICK HERE for article.