E-News, Issue #83

ALERT International Activities...

        2016 has been an outstanding year for ALERT.....

        This most noted achievement for ALERT International was the success of our Annual Training Symposium/Conference.  Not only was this year's conference the largest number attendees in recent years, with over 160 folks, it included an entire day of activities at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, Georgia.  In addition to vendors who have supported ALERT International for over a decade there were several new, first time supporters of ALERT.  Go to www.alertconference.org to see the list of all those that finacially supported ALERT at this year's Training Symposium/Conference.

        Corporal Geoff Bush, Pa. State Police, EVOC Instructor was elected as Vice President picking up that office from Tom Witczak.  Sergeant Robert Strong, MidWest City Police, Oklahoma was re-elected to a 2nd term as the Treasurer.  Congratulations to Robert and Geoff and thanks to Tom for his service during the past three years as Vice President.

        As anyone who has served in an organization's Board of Directors knows...planning never ends, well that is most true for your Board of Directors.  Our 2017 Training Symposium/Conference is beginning to take shape.  The location will be Kansas City, Missouri the last week of September 2017.  Kansas City Police Department will be our host for next year's training event.  Keep a watch on www.alertconference.org.  As things evolve and come to conclusion the information will be posted on the conference website.

Regional Directors We Need Your Regional Events

      It has been three months since the conclusion of the Training Symposium/ Conference in Savannah...time does keep going.  As we discussed at the Regional Meeting, in Savannah, there is a need to have more local events to support our members and encourage others that do not have the opportunity to attend our Annual Training Symposium/Conference.  The Board of Directors is asking that ALL Regional Directors forward your proposed activities for this year's gathering to Duane Hampton, Board of Directors Regional Representative, by January 15, 2017.

       If you need assistance pulling off a Regional Event please let Duane know and he will discuss with the Board of Directors.  Last year we only had one Region hold a Regional Gathering.  Lets plan on having every Regional come on board this year.

HELP......Asking Membership for Help.....

        The Board of Directors need help with updating our Website.  We would like to have a the membership tell us what they would like, need, wish for, etc., from the www.alertinternational.com website.  Please forward you ideas, recommendations, thoughts, etc., to info@alertinternational.com.   

        We could also use some assistance with editing and adding information to the site.  If you have that skill or know someone who can assist us with this please contact President Liebno at alert.president@gmail.com.

        Finally, I would like members to post messages, articles, news, or anything that would be related to ALERT International on our Facebook page.  If you are not a Facebook user...hard to believe that in today's times, LOL...you can send information to me and I'll post it for you.
Board of Directors positions

        The President's and Secretary's positions will expire at the end of the 2017 Annual Training Symposium/Conference.  We need members willing to make a two year commitment to keep ALERT International moving forward.  The previous and current Boards have done an exceptional job for ALERT.  The current finances of the Association are better than they have been in over a decade.

        So if you are that person please be prepared to throw you hat in the rink in March when nominations are opened.  And if you know someone that would do an exceptional job on the Board please let a current Board member know about that person.

        It truly has been an honor and a pleasure for me to serve two terms as your President, but due to a number of situations in my life I must step aside and let someone else take the reigns after this year.  So I am asking, encouraging and praying that if you can commit to working on the Board for two years that you will step forward and get involved.  If you are considering it but are not sure and would like to talk with me please do so at anytime.

Hope you had a great Christmas,  Wishing you a wonderful and blessed New Year.
Best  Regards and Be Safe,


Albert Liebno 
ALERT President



A.L.E.R.T. International is dedicated to the encouragement and correlation of research and development as well as the sharing of information, ideas and innovations in the area of emergency vehicle response operation. Additionally, A.L.E.R.T.'s mission is to provide assistance to states in establishing effective and defensible standards for employment and training of law enforcement officers in the field of emergency vehicle operations. Another aspect of the mission is the promotion of a positive, professional image of emergency response trainers.