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Royal Jelly Fountain of Youth
 Christmas Spiced Nuts  |  Aged Garlic for Heart Health
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Christmas spiced nuts


Spice up your Christmas with these great nutty nibbles.  Guaranteed not to last (too yummy!) but a must with any Christmas drink.


Want the recipe? Get it here...

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The Power of Aged Garlic for your Heart


aged garlic

Aged Garlic Extract has been the subject of more than 700 studies, the most recent having been carried out by the University of Adelaide. 


Health benefits of Aged Garlic include: 

  • powerful antioxidant
  • immune booster 
  • antibacterial agent
  • improves heart health


>  Energy: Do your energy levels need a boost?

Fusion energy


Low energy levels, tiredness and nervous exhaustion are typical symptoms of adrenal fatigue - often caused by a hard-driven lifestyle, excessive work and inadequate recovery. 


Chinese herbal medicines can help build your energy levels and keep your body systems in balance over this busy Christmas - New Year holiday season.


Watch an informative video about Chinese principles of energy...

Chinese energy Jing 


Boost your energy and keep in balance this busy holiday season...


> Royal Jelly - A fountain of youth
Fountain of youth


Epic tales and legends have been told throughout history about the fountain of youth - a fabled source of everlasting life and beauty, but could the fountain of youth really exist? 


Find out about this fountain of youth...  

  Chinese translation




Get set for a healthy Christmas with wonderful foods, fun times and the best of health. Ask the Mr Vitamins team for advice on preparing for the festive season.


There are two great Mr Vitamins stores for your Christmas health care needs: 324 & 394 Victoria Avenue. 

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Managing your health is always important - and there are times when it's good to spend time with a naturopath in a private consultation. 


Mr Vitamins has 4 qualified consulting Naturopaths who work at the Mr Vitamins Clinic, located in-store. 


You can book an appointment online to visit a naturopath during their clinic hours.


When you consult with a Naturopath at the Mr Vitamins Clinic, if need be they can recommend or conduct appropriate tests such as body composition analysis, blood tests or a liver detoxification test. 


Ask a Mr Vitamins Naturopath

Find out more about naturopath consultations... 
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