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PHRToday Issue: #6November 2012

Dear MedFlash Member,


Welcome to the Fall 2012 edition of PHRToday™.  


In keeping with our promise to you of providing the latest innovative health and wellness tools, I'm pleased to announce the newest addition to your MedFlash benefit program: Medical Alert US


There are many Personal Emergency Response Systems on the market, but MedicalAlertUS offers the very FIRST, the smallest, and one of the most powerful, to capture voice-to-voice communication.


Medical Alert US takes great pride in the fact that yelling or screaming for help is NOT required. The ultra-powerful range of the system provides protection from ANYWHERE - from shower to shed.


Unlike the other systems on the market you do not have to be near the base station for someone to hear you. You just live your life.


This Personal Medical Emergency System works with your home telephone line. Your pendant becomes a MINI wearable extension of your home phone. Simply push the button and you have 2 way voice communications through the pendant to a professionally staffed and trained emergency call center.


In the event of an emergency, enjoy the freedom to of being able to communicate anywhere in and around your home for less than a dollar a day!


Log in to your MedFlash profile and click on the Member Services tab for full details on this World-class system or visit their website at      


MedicalAlertUS logo


Remember to update your MedFlash on a regular basis and take advantage of our wide offering of health and wellness tools and benefits.


Thank you again for your continued support.


Ronn Schuman

President & CEO

Protecting yourself in advance of
a natural disaster 

During emergencies or crisis situations, the absence of proper medical equipment or infrastructure is to be expected. In such scenarios, remote access to vital medical information about patients can play a very significant role in treatment, as well as largely influence the outcome of the treatment itself.


Medical histories and health information including prior treatment records, allergy information, drug prescription history, blood work information, and physical data can prove absolutely critical in the determination of appropriate and effective treatments, and can ultimately save a life.


Medflash can provide the required information from any mobile device, telephone or computer within minutes, contributing immensely to the proper and efficient delivery of care in emergency or crisis situations such as the recent hurricane Sandy, which left hundreds dead and possibly thousands injured in its wake.

Durng a storm of this magnitude, important documents and records may be lost forever. MedFlash is your secure online repository for not just medical records, but all other personal documents as well.

We implore you to keep your MedFlash up to date, especially your medication list and emergency contacts. Take an inventory of the contents of your home and upload it to the MedFlash portal for safekeeping. Don't forget your will and other legal documents.

Be proactive. It may very well save your life.


MedFlash on Keychain

As a Valued Member, here are some of the MedFlash benefits that are included with your membership at no additional cost to you:


FONEMED 24/7 Nurse Advice Hotline

When you need medical advice or are unsure whether to call your doctor, call the 24/7 Nurse Advice Hotline. Also included is the Audio Health Library, which provides over 1000 topics (500+ in Spanish) concerning illness, treatments, drugs and medical tests and procedures.


Unlimited Storage of Documents & Images

Upload x-rays, MRIs, lab results or anything else you wish, with no storage limit. You can even upload sensitive documents for digital safekeeping and lock them so only you have access to them.   



On Line Intuitive Personal and Family History 

Tired of filling out clip boards and being asked the same questions in Doctor's offices? Use our online Medical History Interview tool and give your healthcare professional a useful proactive report.



Advance Directive & Living Will

We invite you to complete our comprehensive advance directive / living will form. It's on the "Documents & Images" tab and comes with a detailed tutorial to help you make the right decisions regarding this important feature.   



MedFlash Lifestyle Tools

Don't forget to visit our Lifestyle section and review our exercise, diabetic logs along with our travel tips and calorie calculator.




Remember to sign in on a regular basis

to keep your profile up-to-date and look for new services - we are always adding more health and wellness programs to help empower you to live a healthily life and to become proactive in managing the key elements of your personal health record.

eHealthInsurance is the largest online resource for health insurance, offering the ability to compare a variety of health plans. 

One of the best things about the eHealthInsurance website is you can receive live quotes, complete your application online and be approved in just minutes.

If you are a current MedFlash Member and want to replace your USB drive, or if you have a Portal Membership and want to upgrade to include a device, our classic USB drive is all you need. Software is included to link your existing account to the device, manage your profile and effortlessly synchronize your data with the USB drive. 

To order, click the link below and choose the Classic USB Drive Upgrade/Replacement under Current Members.

$16.95 including shipping.



StickyJ USB Bracelet Upgrade your USB drive to any of these personalized

bracelets or necklaces by Sticky Jewelry.  

$31.95 and up 


NOTE: If you are upgrading, please select the MedFlash replacement software option for $2.00. Your new device contains software that will transfer your existing MedFlash account to the new drive. 




3 Free Months
for You and Your Friends
MedFlash offers you the REFER-A-FRIEND Program. Help someone you know - when they sign up for MedFlash send us your Emergency ID and their Emergency ID and we will extend your membership and their membership for an additional three months. Remember MedFlash can help saves lives!

Remember to Always Carry

your Emergency ID Card