Food to Flowers (F2F) is a school waste prevention, composting, and recycling program serving Thurston County schools.  These schools are diverting an average of 89% of their lunchroom waste from the landfill. By participating in F2F, they reduce their impact on the environment, teach their students valuable lessons, and save money!


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Feature Story

trash money
Schools find savings by wasting less money on waste

School districts across the country are finding it difficult to balance their budgets. One place some schools are finding savings is in their garbage dumpsters.    


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Schools Stop Waste Before it Starts

wms milk dispense

Where have all the cartons gone?

This school year, 54,000 more milk carton will vanish from the Thurston County waste stream thanks to a new milk dispenser at Washington Middle School.




Tumwater High goes green!

In June 2012, Tumwater High School became one of only thirteen high schools in Washington State to earn Washington Green Schools certification.


p film cropped


Schools recycle plastic film

It is easy to recycle grocery bags, bread bags, and other plastic film. Collect them in their own bin and have them picked up at your school.

Creative Solutions


Getting the wiggles out can reduce waste

Studies show that kids who eat lunch after recess eat more, waste less, get sick less often, and go back to class ready to learn.


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Make art not trash

Thurston County Solid Waste is partnering with local schools and youth groups to build a 40-foot gray whale out of plastic bags and other plastic trash!


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For more information contact:

Peter Guttchen

Carrie Ziegler

For schools in Olympia contact:

Spencer Orman

Bonnie Meyer

Fall, 2012
as of October, 2012 

Participating Schools: 

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32 Schools 


Participating Students:

14,725 Students 


Solid waste diverted from landfill each year: 

169 tons


Average lunchroom recycling rate:



Number of spork kits eliminated each year:

2,740,140  kits 


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