NASA winter storm
Spring 2013

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Left: Winter storm image captured by NOAA's GOES-13 satellite on 3/6/13. Credit: NOAA-NASA.
New Hurricane Measurement Technique
A new technique for measuring the Atlantic hurricane season has been developed at COAPS by Dr. Vasu Misra, Steven DiNapoli, and Dr. Mark Powell. Track Integrated Kinetic Energy (TIKE) is a wholistic analysis of the intensity, size, and durations of cyclones and is complimentary to existing metrics such as Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE). More...
temperature graphic
2012 Warmest Year on Record for Continental USA
According to NOAA scientists, the average temperature for the contiguous U.S. for 2012 was 55.3F, which was 3.2F above the 20th century average and 1.0F above the previous record from 1998. The U.S. Climate Extremes Index indicated that 2012 was the second most extreme year on record for the nation. More...

Deep-C Consortium Completes Year 1
The FSU-led Deep-C Consortium has completed the first year of its research into the effects of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill on the northeastern Gulf of Mexico and the interconnectedness of the deep sea, slope, and continental shelf. Ongoing activities include mapping, sampling, data collection and analysis, modeling, and more. For more information, visit deep-c.org.
Warm, Dry Spring Predicted for Florida
The current 3-month seasonal forecast (Mar-Apr-May) from NOAA's Climate Prediction Center predicts above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation for Florida. Neutral El Nio-Southern Oscillation conditions continue in the Pacific Ocean. More...
Data digest
Climate Data Now Available for Researchers
Dr. Vasu Misra has put together a digest of climate data products developed through the Florida Climate Institute and available to researchers online. Most of the datasets are for the southeast USA. 
Science Saturday Saturday, 3/16, 1-5p
Science Saturday in the Park
Railroad Square
Tallahassee, FL

Tuesday, 4/2, 10a-2p
FSU Day at the Capitol
Tallahassee, FL

Thursday, 4/4
Oceans Day at the Capitol
Tallahassee, FL

Marine Lab Open House Saturday, 4/20, 10a-3p
FSU Coastal & Marine Lab Open House
St. Teresa, FL

Thursday, 5/16
Nat'l Weather Svc Hurricane Preparedness Day
Tallahassee Regional Airport, FL
Arsalan Ahmed Competes in Cyber Defense
Arslan and FSU colleagues placed 3rd at the 2013 Southeast Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition in Georgia in March. He is working on his MS in computer science.
Alexandra Keclik Selected for Summer Internship at Colorado State
Undergraduate Alexandra Keclik will be going to Colorado State University this summer for an internship at the Center for Multiscale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes.
Dr. Bourassa Promoted to Full Professor
Dr. Mark Bourassa is being promoted to a full professor of meteorology this year at COAPS and the FSU Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science.
Dr. O'Brien Receives Irish Education Award
Professor emeritus James O'Brien was included in the 2012 Irish Education 100, a listing of the leading figures in education across the U.S. deemed to have "Irish blood." More...
Jiaxin Feng Completes MS
Jiaxin defended her MS thesis in meteorology titled "A possible trigger for ENSO by sea surface temperature anomalies off Baja California" and is now working on her PhD under the direction of Dr. Zhaohua Wu.
Austin Todd Completes PhD
Austin Todd defended his PhD dissertation in oceanography titled "Circulation dynamics and larval transport mechanisms in the Florida Big Bend" under the direction of Dr. Eric Chassignet. Dr. Todd first came to COAPS in 2006 to work on his BS in meteorology and mathematics.
Melissa Griffin of the Florida Climate Center provides a  3D fluid dynamics weather demonstration for Florida teachers through the CPALMS Perspectives video project. 
Scientists in the Deep-C Consortium participate in a policy communications training led by COMPASS.
teacher workshop
PhD student Rachel Weihs (2nd from left) works with teachers at an ASK Florida climate change education workshop.
SENSE IT Teacher Workshop
High school science teacher Mrs. Jones constructs a water temperature sensor at a SENSE IT workshop co-hosted by the Deep-C Consortium.
Classroom demonstration.
Outreach educator Amelia Vaughan (center) leads a hands-on activity about plankton through the Deep-C Consortium Scientists in the Schools program.
ROV competition
A Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) competition for high school students hosted by the Dauphin Island Sea Lab (Alabama) and the Deep-C Consortium. More...
Mag Lab open house
Students Ali Keclik and Robbie Nedbor-Gross make a cloud in a bottle at the Mag Lab Open House.
Marine Lab reception
COAPS personnel at the FSU Coastal & Marine Lab for a Deep-C Consortium reception celebrating a new research vessel.
COAPS authors are in bold.

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The Florida State University Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS) is a center of excellence performing interdisciplinary research in ocean-atmosphere-land-ice interactions to increase our understanding of the physical, social, and economic consequences of climate variability. COAPS scientists and students come from a wide range of disciplines, including meteorology, oceanography, statistics, globeand the computer and information sciences. 

Director: Dr. Eric Chassignet
Website: http://coaps.fsu.edu
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