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 November 2013



Honesty is always the best policy, even when it's not the trend.

- Sean Covey


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today. Performances on November 15 and 16 at 7 p.m., and 17 at 2 p.m. 



Fri, Nov. 1
Football @ Aurora, 7pm
Wear Bomber Blue!

Sat, Nov. 3

Daylight Savings Time ends, set clocks back 1 hour

Tues, Nov. 5



Wed, Nov. 6

KIS 4th Grade Breakfast and Books, 7:15am


Market Day pick-up, KHS, Cafeteria, 5-6pm


Thur, Nov 7

KIS 5th Grade Breakfast and Books, 7:15am


Fri, Nov. 8

8th Grade EXPLORE Test

Wear Bomber Blue! 

Mon, Nov. 11

TES 3rd Grade Music & Veterans' Program


Tues, Nov. 12

KHS Fall Athletic Awards, KHS, Gym, 7pm


Wed, Nov. 13

PLAN Test, KHS, Gym


Thur, Nov. 14 

S'MORE Reception, KHS, 6pm


Fri, Nov. 15

KHS Fall Play, Acts of God, Auditorium, 7pm


Wear Bomber Blue!   


Sat, Nov. 16

KHS Fall Play, Acts of God, Auditorium, 7pm


Sun, Nov. 17

KHS Fall Play, Acts of God, Auditorium, 2pm


Mon, Nov. 18

Board of Education Meeting, TES, Multi-Purpose Room, 7pm


Thur, Nov. 21

KMS Conferences, 3-7pm 


Fri, Nov. 22  

NHS Variety Show, KHS, Auditorium, 7pm


Wear Bomber Blue!  


Wed, Nov. 27


Thur, Nov. 28





Fri, Nov. 29






November 5



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Geauga County 

Board of Elections 

Open Enrollment at Kenston

The 2013/14 school year is the first time that Kenston has accepted students through Open Enrollment.  Previously, staff members' children were able to attend Kenston through a Tuition Waiver program.  In the transition from Tuition Waiver to Open Enrollment 25 of the 31 students were already enrolled at Kenston.  These thirty-one students in grades K-12 generate $176,700 in additional revenue for the district. The student's home district is billed $5,700 for each student enrolled in our schools.  Students moving into the district do not generate any additional funds.

After projecting grade level enrollment and class sizes, the following guidelines were used to select incoming students:


1st Priority:  Students already enrolled in the Kenston Schools.

2nd Priority: Students who already have siblings enrolled in the                            Kenston Schools.

3rd Priority:  Students who have parents who are the most senior                        certified employees in the Kenston Schools.

4th Priority:  Selection by lottery.


The policy will be reviewed annually prior to June 1. Board action will set capacity limits by grade level, school building and educational program.  Students accepted into open enrollment the previous year will be given priority when determining who shall be allowed to enroll.

Creating Exceptional Character
Kenston High School's Creating Exceptional Character (CEC) Club kicked off the Holiday Season with Pumpkin Carving.  CEC helps students with special needs to become more involved with typical student peers by doing activities like pumpkin carving, Thanksgiving dinners, art night, Valentine's Day parties, summer clubs, visiting local elementary schools, and sending boxed gifts to soldiers.  These activities improve the relationships between typical and special needs students. 

5th Grade STEM Day Video
5th Graders at Kenston Intermediate School enjoyed exploring a variety of topics related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) that were integrated across the disciplines.  Click on the Video above or this link for the HD video.  Note: It was Crazy Hat Day at KIS.

Fall Sports Wrap Up
CVC Champs
Girls Golf
Boys Cross Country
CVC and District Champs
Individual Honors
Regional Qualifier 
Tyler Lance - Cross Country
District Qualifiers
Kendall Althans/Kathleen Swanson - Tennis
Dillion Yost/Sarah Wilkes - Tennis
Tasha Birze - Tennis
Cheer the Football Team on tonight against Aurora.
Going for the Gold - Excellence in PE
Play Blue
Kenston's Timmons Elementary School and Kenston Intermediate School have been awarded Gold Level recognition from the Ohio Gold, Excellence in Physical Education program.  This is the third year in a row that Kenston Intermediate School has received this honor from the Ohio Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (OAHPRED). Physical Education teachers submitted curricular materials including lesson plans and a detailed questionnaire to be considered for the award.  Only three school buildings statewide received this recognition.  Physical Education teachers, Jon Hall, Kathy Hryb and Chris Maistros will be honored at the Annual Conference in December.
Snow/Calamity Day Phone Calls
Beginning with the next Calamity Day, automated calls will go out to all phone numbers on file, both land lines and cell phones, for both staff and students.  Also, School Closing information is available on any TV station or by calling the District Hotline at 440-564-2134 for up-to-date information.