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February 2014
Lessons On Love

Years ago, after my children were past the Disney animated film stage I was relieved to know I would never again have to watch an animated film. However, it is February and I do have cabin fever, so when a friend invited me to see the new animated Disney film, Frozen, I said yes. What a great film! It gives me hope that we as a human race are growing up and can handle a different story about love.

The Frozen story line is like any other Disney film. It has a princess, a queen, a villain, a hero and love is the solution. Unlike other Disney Films, the story line is very different. The solution...LOVE...did not come from outside of the problem, rather it came from within.

We create our own problems consciously and unconsciously. The only way out of a problem is to be aware of it and choose to experience it fully. The only way to fix a problem sustainably is to look for the root cause and fix it from there. Fixing something at the root cause requires you to look deeply at yourself. Fixing at the root cause, means no matter what the circumstances and who the players are, 'I hold myself responsible'.

Historically speaking, we look outside of ourselves for the problem and the solution. In other words, we blame the circumstances and we blame other people. And then, we look for something or someone to save us. Talking about Disney, take Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for example. Snow White is pursued by a jealous queen. Snow White hides with the Dwarfs - who try to save her; the queen finds her, tricks her into eating a poisonous apple, which puts her to sleep. Prince Charming saves her by waking her with a kiss.

The movie Frozen, paints a similar and exciting story. However, the problem clearly exists within the main characters - the queen and the princess, who are both trying to do the right thing. At first they are unaware of the problem and very unaware that they have the ability to fix the problem. In the end, they both 'wake-up', see the problem clearly and create within themselves the conditions that lead to the solution...and the solution is love.

What are your problems?
How can love provide the answer?

Here is a very simple exercise that will help you shift from an external love focus to an internal love focus.
  1. Each morning, first thing, look in the mirror and say to yourself. I love you, you are precious to me and I am so grateful to be me.
  2. Go about your morning routine of self care.
  3. Before starting your workday, look in the mirror again and say, "This is my problem (very simply state the problem) and I am open to a loving solution."
  4. Let thoughts of the problem and possible solutions go. Proceed with your day.
  5. Before you go bed at night, state the problem again as above.
  6. Let thoughts of the problem and possible solutions go. Go to sleep.
  7. Over the next days, pay attention. As possible solutions begin to occur, let your innate wisdom guide you to your next steps.
  8. Consider hiring a coach to assist your process. It is often helpful to have outside eyes and ears looking with you at the problem and possible solutions.
  9. Consider using dōTERRA Essential Oils to support your emotions as you address your problem. The specific essential oil that you might choose will depend on the specific problem. An example of an essential oil used to support emotional healing is Geranium. Geranium is known as The Oil of Love & Trust. It addresses all types of emotional issues including: abandonment, loss, distrusting, unforgiving, unloving, disheartened, heavy hearted, grief.

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