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August 2 - 5
Racine, Wisconsin

 All Catamarans Welcome!


2013 United States Formula 16 Championships


Other Fleets:


Formula 18




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CRAW Babes to Cover Your Ass  



Not only are they beautiful, they're smart. They might even be a little naughty, but we don't talk about that...their dads read this stuff! Demonstrating keen insight about our C4 guests, they've come up with a great offer. It goes like this:


Our racers are going to be traveling to Racine from all corners of the globe. Each wants their outfit to be the talk of the ABC (Anything But Clothes) Party on Sunday night, but they just lack the creativity, the crowd-pleasing vision to come up with something truly unique. They'll be lucky if they remember all of their sailing gear. So, a killer costume? Please...only Chris Blake is more concerned about that, than his performance on the race course! 


Problem solved. The CRAW babes will cover your ass for a measly donation of $20 dollars, though you should feel free to show your appreciation with larger bills. It's going to be like a friggin' car wash! You just pull right up to the entrance of our Youth Sailing Center steering your sad excuse for a body. Then, you'll be lovingly transformed into a high-performance partying machine. There's one catch however--when you enter the den of Babalonia, you'll be blindfolded. You'll have absolutely no idea how delicious you're going to look until you exit. (You also won't see the ladies giggling about your spare tire).  Who knows, we might even shoot video.   


The CRAW babes of Babalonia.  "Hi Nigel, hi Kirk...see you in August...hugs and kisses."  

Reached at the site of an over-priced home he's building for an anonymous Atlanta Braves player, Nigel Pitt proclaimed, "I've been trying to get myself into a room with hot women who want to blindfold me and do crazy things for years! Now I can get that done for just $20 bucks? The line forms behind me, homies!" Seeing this boast show up on his Facebook feed, Pensacola Nacra Dealer, Kirk Newkirk, tweeted, "Hey, all y'all... saw that Nigel thinks he's going to beat me on the last race Sunday...that's funny." #justfollowmenigel  


ZhikCompressedto Cover Your Bits   

Mike Krantz, Zhik's master distributor for North America. 


CRAW is very happy to announce that Zhik has been selected as the "Official Gear Sponsor" of the Central Coast Catamaran Championships (C4).  Zhik's ultra-high-performance sailing gear is a favorite of both America's Cup Teams, and weekend warrior types, who really should be sailing with a cup.


Someday I hope to meet the copywriter for the Zhik brand in-person.  Talk about a bloke who knows his target audience! Can he see us in a crystal ball? Oh, wait, maybe he just HAS crystal balls.  I kid you not.  This copy actually appeared on the Zhik website for their most excellent T2 harness when the DUDE personally bought one several years ago.  "The stretch gusset in the crotch assures that the harness stays in place, while being friendly to your bits."  Friendly to my bits...SOLD! My credit card never flew out of my wallet so fast.  Those Aussies know a thing or two about a thing or two, eh, mate?


The guys who represent Zhik in North America also really know their stuff.  Long-time catamaran sailors Mike Krantz and Trey Brown service dealers and customers across the nation.  Between the two of them, they've got multiple Worrell 1000 and Tybee 500 finishes, numerous podium finishes in national events and experience racing catamarans of many types.  You'll see them popping up frequently on the discussion boards with excellent answers to Zhik product questions, and catamaran sailing in general.


Check out Zhik's great products at this website:  www.zhik.com
To contact Mike or Trey:  sales@zhik.com   or   866/944-5872


Karl to Cover all Your Other Needs

Need Help? Look for Gay Shirts.     



Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test...


Hey Sailorrrrrrs...Karl Brogger, here, guest columnist and CRAW's Director of Customer Care for this splashtacular regatta! My CRAWmates are, like, so smart! They just knew I'd be the perfect boy for this job. After all, I'm known for my genuine sensitivity, tact, eloquence and grace. Oh, pinch me, please...I just get all tingly thinking about my qualifications for this position! Let me start by saying that I have assembled a delightful team of customer care ambassadors. We'll be easy to spot because we'll all be wearing, sassy, hot pink shirts. (Hmmm, just what to wear on the bottom...and how to accessorize)? Please let us know how we can assist you in any way, and make your visit with CRAW an experience you'll never forget.  

Don't you just love my hat? It makes me look like such a savage. 

And speaking of needs, I also make a little money on the side as an AHPC dealer selling parts and such. Well, a boy must support his wardrobe! I know what you're thinking--Fashionista-oh yes, guilty as charged! So, if your parts need some attention, just give me a little wink.   And my naughty little friend, Kurt Korte, of the Cat House (meow, I just love that name) will be around to take care of those who swing from the Nacra vine. We're both very open-minded, so I'm quite certain we could also help if your preference is for other labels.


Ta ta for now. And remember boys and girls...shake it like you mean it!  




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Please email Guy Selsmeyer:   gselsmeyer@northernbiogas.com      Let him know what type of rig you'll be parking, so he can plan for your spot.   



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