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August 2 - 5
Racine, Wisconsin

 All Catamarans Welcome!


2013 United States Formula 16 Championships


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Formula 18




All the Rock Stars Do It.  

Yes, Dale, you are a rock star.     


Ever notice that the rock stars always have their names plastered all over their boat and their gear?  


Do they forget which stuff is theirs? Are their brains so filled with tactical brilliance that they have to be reminded who they are? Or, do they want everybody to know who they are, so it's an ego thing.  One of life's mysteries I guess, but here's a cold, hard fact:




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Even if you're not a rock star, you can still look like one, so don't delay.  Sign up and claim your pinnie.


Race With a Rock Star; Race Like a Rock Star.  Your Choice.  


Anyone who has ever put on a major regatta knows that the entry fees don't even come close to covering expenses.  It's only from the generosity of sponsors that a club avoids coming out upside down.  Well, leave it to Fun In The Sun Services, the US master distributor for AHPC, and Red Gear Racing, the company's coaching arm, to be the first to step up in a big way.

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Here's the deal: you can win the chance to race with rock star sailor and coach, Robbie Daniel, aboard a brand new Viper for the USF-16 Championships.  Face it, this would be your best chance EVER of finishing in the hardware!  But it gets better.  Included in the package is Red Gear Racing training camp that will take place over several days leading up to C4, right at the same venue, the Racine Yacht Club.  You'll learn about all the stupid stuff you're not supposed to do when you're racing with Robbie.  Then, when you are actually racing with Robbie, he'll wonder if you were listening at all over the last couple days or just daydreaming about being on the podium for the first time.  He's such a nice guy, though, that he won't even make you feel bad about your incompetence.


Gee, look who's at the front of the fleet. Robbie Daniel "The Master," Taylor Reese "The Student."


If, however, you already think of yourself as a hot shot, you have the option of racing the brand new Viper for free, with a crew of your choice, or solo.  Think about it.  You fly in like you're Jimmie Spithill or something.  You jump on your brand new boat that somebody else paid for.  Your boat has been expertly prepared and tuned, so you go out and put a horizon shot on the rest of the fleet.  Nice! (Now who's dreaming?)   For this option, you'd sign a standard charter agreement to cover potential damage.  That means you'd be on the hook with Jill.  Now, if Robbie is driving and this pristine machine comes back not so shiny, then he gets to answer to Jill.   Hmmm...which way to go...tough call.  This option also includes the Red Gear Racing training camp. 


For either choice, there is an online auction active on the C4 website where you can submit your bid(s).  You'll want to stop back often to make sure you're still on top.  There might be other items showing up there for auction, too.  The coolest part for CRAW--100% of the proceeds go to offsetting regatta expenses.  And once again, CRAW is going big, so that means you're in for a heck of good time.    


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European Rock Star with Perfect Hair Coming to C4  



  gunnarnacra logo


Gunnar Larsen's "people" just notified CRAW that Gunnar will be jumping on a plane at the conclusion of the F16 Worlds in Germany to race in the USF-16 Nationals in Racine. Gunnar is one of the premier catamaran sailors in the world, and also global Director of Sales & Marketing for Nacra Catamarans.  


Word has it that he's a GQ-model-looking sort of guy(judge for yourself), who speaks with a sexy accent that can make girls clothes fall off. As a dude, of course, I can't understand what the ladies see in him, but take note that THE DUDE is not the least bit threatened by some foreign pretty boy. Not everybody can look and speak like a guy from Green Bay, for cryin' out loud...don't cha know...ya der hey.   


Gunnar will be presenting a talk during C4 about the Nacra 17, the Olympic Committee's selection for the mixed multihull event at the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  


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