5 April 2013                                                                                         V1.0


August 2 - 5
Racine, Wisconsin

 All Catamarans Welcome!


2013 United States Formula 16 Championships


Other Fleets:


Formula 18



When in Rome  


No, not Italy.  Everybody knows that Rome is a bustling metropolis located in the heart of Jefferson County. And if you were a cat sailor from Wisconsin, you might be from Rome. Guess that would make you a Roman.  So you'd prolly sport a toga with no undies.  You could name your boat Caesar, but you wouldn't because, really, who would name their boat after a salad? You would rage great battles on the race course and your armor would be the envy of all enemies.


Good news! Even though you're not from Rome, CRAW is pleased to announce that you can still be fitted for your very own, custom C4 battle jersey. Anyone who signs up for C4 by a June 7 deadline will receive one of these beauties as part of their registration fee, WITH THEIR LAST NAME (nickname, team name,  whatever) printed on the back. Talk about poppin' tags! It will also come in handy when you go cow tipping. Elsie will never see you coming.  


Registration will be officially opening soon, so stay tuned for details.



Who's Eigenberger you wonder? Well, the guy who was in charge of the armor figured he should throw a long name on the back of the prototype just to make sure everything works. Being the crafty guy he is, he also figured that if that long name happened to belong to the CRAW Treasurer, that he could get CRAW to pay for it. Good play!

C4 Champions to be Awarded Coveted
Cow Pie Cup 


Wisconsin is a state rich in natural resources, and overflowing with highly creative people. Take our cows, for example. There are upwards of 3.5 million of them in the Badger State. Not exactly a "natural resource" you're thinking, and what the hell does that have to do with creativity. That's alright. We can take it. We're used to surprising people.


You see, by any standard, that's a lot of cows, and that many cows produce a lot of, ahh, poop. What's more "natural" than that? And here's where the creativity part comes in. What do you do with all that poop? We actually have a 

Guy (name withheld because he's kind of sensitive) in CRAW who makes a living as a CPE--a cow poop engineer. If you gather up all that poop, put it in a big pot and stir it up, it produces methane gas. You can sell that stuff for good money. So, this Guy is taking piles of poop, and turning it into piles of cash. Now, tell me that's not creative!


Cow Poop Digester, a.k.a., the money machine.   Of course that's why it's green, duh!


To honor just one of our state's natural resources and rich history of creativity, CRAW is proud to announce that C4 Champions will be awarded the coveted Cow Pie Cup. (Editor's note: Can't wait to see what these trophies look like). Each will be handmade by another CRAW member who is a highly-skilled wood craftsman. He's been known to sniff methane gas to really get his creative juices flowing. CRAW members were convinced that this guy would be an eccentric artist living by himself out in the woods separated from the rest of humanity for rest of his life, but somehow over the winter he has reportedly become engaged. She must be a special woman. 


University of Wisconsin Researches Make Shocking Discovery 


In their relentless pursuit of perfection in hosting the most enjoyable beach catamaran regattas in the country, CRAW leaders commissioned a 3-year study with a highly specialized team of human behavior researchers at the University of Wisconsin School of Interpersonal Relationships.  The mission: to confirm that there is no "i" in "team."  "Before putting our reputation on the line once again for another major regatta, we just wanted to make sure there was no trouble hiding anywhere within the CRAW ranks," said Dr. Christopher Blake, CRAW Commodore.  "I'm pleased to report that CRAW is as healthy as ever, but if our solidarity becomes challenged, we now know exactly where to look," he

Irrefutable evidence uncovered in countless samples by UW Researchers.    



The study, which was partially funded by a grant from the Successories Company, discovered exactly the opposite of what business leaders, scholars and Little League coaches have accepted for decades.  There is actually an "i" in "team," it just happens to be hiding in the A-hole.    


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