Southeast ISBDC Client Highlight   
September 9, 2014

Client Highlight - Old Capital Pizza King

Troy Stepp is the owner Old Capital Pizza King located in Corydon, Indiana. Troy is excited to bring a fun family restaurant to Corydon and serve customers with the original Pizza King pizza southern Hoosiers have enjoyed for generations.

Troy is currently an Application Consultant for Humana, where he began work in 1998. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Accounting and Finance from Indiana University Southeast in 1997.  Troy is a veteran of the Army, serving actively from 1983 to 1987.

Troy decided to go into his business because he really enjoys meeting and pleasing people.  By serving quality Pizza King products and providing friendly service, he believes customers will have a wonderful dining experience at his restaurant.  In addition, he wants his restaurant to be a place where people feel welcome and comfortable. He strives to make Old Capital Pizza King a community place where families and friends can enjoy themselves and each other.


Troy's mission is to use the same processes and ingredients his customers expect from a Southern Indiana Pizza King. He says that people know Pizza King restaurants well and wants his restaurant to have that same consistent atmosphere and quality taste. Like most of us in Southern Indiana, Troy loves eating at Pizza King restaurants, and he wants people in the community to have that same feeling and memory of his restaurant.

One of Troy's favorite things about his business is getting the opportunity to meet new people and learn from those in his small community. Although cleaning up is one of Troy's least favorite tasks, he is very diligent about keeping his restaurant clean. In fact, his goal is to have one of the cleanest facilities in Southern Indiana.


The biggest challenge Troy faces is working and balancing two jobs. It is difficult to spend a lot of time getting things organized when he has so many responsibilities.


Old Capital Pizza King will officially open by the third week of October, 2014. In September of 2013, Troy started thinking seriously about opening his restaurant. He signed a contract with Pizza King in November of 2013 and worked hard on his business plan. Receiving training from the New Albany Pizza King location on Charlestown Road, Troy feels his staff will be extremely prepared for the opening of his restaurant.

Troy looks forward to giving back to customer and community partners. When possible, he will hire locally.  Employees will be encouraged to participate in the community and to give back when they can. Because the community is so important to Troy, he plans to sponsor events and activities for various Corydon organizations especially those geared for Corydon's youth.  Troy also wishes to sponsor a scholarship for one or more students of Corydon Central in the future.


Troy, a client of the Southeast ISBDC since October 2013, has enjoyed and has had a wonderful ISBDC experience. Receiving help preparing financial statements has saved him tremendous time, he says. He appreciates the help and support he receives from the Southeast ISBDC staff. Troy recommends the Southeast ISBDC to anyone wanting to start a business.


Southeast ISBDC Regional Director Blayr Barnard says, "While not a traditional franchise, Troy has worked hard to bring the regional star franchise of Pizza King to Corydon. After months of hard work, he will soon open his location on the hilltop to compete, and I'm sure will succeed against other strong food brands."