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Utilizing a Hidden Resource - Veterinary Technicians


As you may know October 13th through 19th was National Veterinary Technician Week.   We would like to thank all the Veterinary Technicians who play such a vital role in every practice.


Veterinary technicians in the modern veterinary practice play a vital role in clinic operations. To get the most use out of this typically underused resource requires an understanding of the nuances of technician education and regulation.

By appreciating the qualifications of credentialed veterinary technicians, you will empower your practice to hire the best staff and increase your revenue.


 2014 Calendar for Human Resources Related Events!



2014 - Is it really here in just the  blink of an eye?  We have updated our calendar with additional events that you should be addressing in 2014 regarding Human Recourses related activities.  Please take the time to at least scan the list and pencil in on your appointment book or mark on your outlook calendars or for you techies with smartphones or tablets, maybe there's an app for that - so that you are proactively prepared to administer or address each event in a timely manner.

Our list is based on a calendar year and your Practice's fiscal year running concurrently.  By any listed activity below, can be scheduled in the month that you need to begin the activity, so that you have enough planned lead time to get the event executed successfully according to your own schedule.  Not all activities may pertain to your parctice


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Drug compounding allows a veterinarian to tailor a therapy for a specific patient's need, but many veterinarians may be compounding outside the law and not even know it. The AVMA developed a video to help veterinarians know and understand the rules of compounding so you can make sound judgments based on current laws. View the video here.

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