November 2012



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Managing Communication Within Your Practice


How do you improve employee engagement and alignment within your practice? Do you find your command and control approach not working? Would you believe it is as simple as having a conversation leveraging four essential attributes that form a single integrated process that everyone can use? Think about it, a conversation is a frank exchange of ideas and information with an implicit or  explicit agenda. Help your organization find its conversational voice by demonstrating your own as a trusted leader who listens attentively, promotes dialogues in a welcoming space, encourages employees to share accountability for the substance of their discussion and conveys the strategic principles behind executive decisions and visions. Learn how you can find ways to use conversation in managing communication within your practice.


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Pregnancy In The Workplace




How should pregnancy in the veterinary workplace be handled? First and foremost, the practice's employee manual should include a written policy requiring all employees to inform the practice owner and/or office/safety manager as soon as they become aware that they are pregnant. While many employees are understandably reluctant to "go public" with their news before the end of the first trimester, the earlier this information is divulged to the employer, the earlier steps can be taken, if necessary, to safeguard the health of the fetus.


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Managing Communication Within Your Practice
Pregnancy In the Workplace
Mobile Practice Alert
Federal Law Could Disrupt Mobile Practice!

The DEA is telling mobile practices they are violating federal law if they routinely carry controlled substances in their vehicles.


The regulations do allow for veterinarians to carry the amount of medication that they expect to need during the current day for a planned procedure.

The regulation does not allow for unplanned procedures (the animal who unexpectedly requires euthanasia) or unexpected increases in dosage (the animal whose pain is clearly not controlled by the expected amount of medication, or, worse, who requires more than the expected amount of euthanasia solution).

Does the DEA intend on enforcing the regulation?  According to Veterinarians in California who have received notice their actions were in violation... it appears so.

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Hurricane Sandy: Dealing with Lost Wages


For individuals whom were not able to work due to Hurricane Sandy, you may be eligeble for relief.


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