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We wish you festive holiday greetings from the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America. We thank you for being part of our community!
  Beverly Damico
Warm regards,
Beverly Amico
for the AWSNA Executive Team 



The Amazing Totally Super Awesome Triumphant

Card Game



It's holiday gift-giving time and so you might be looking for fairy dust, lighting bolts, gods, goddesses and dragons...


Tat Sat is a fun fusion of strategy and memory in card game, designed by three students from the Shining Mountain Waldorf School. 


"We learned so much about cultures and their gods along the way; and are so excited to be able to bring that to people by way of a fabulous game," says one of the creators.  


To find out more and for ordering information, please go to Why Waldorf Works. 

Harry Kretz


Harry Kretz passed into the spiritual world on December 5.  He died at home surrounded by his wife, children and grandchildren. Harry touched so many lives in his long years of dedication to the children he taught and countless Waldorf teachers he supported. Those of us that knew him remember his dignity and quiet humor which so often left us with a smile.

Harry was a long time teacher in New York City and Harlemville.
All things alive throughout the Universe
Live but in bringing forth within them
The seed of a new life.
So too the soul of Man is given up
To ageing and to death,
Only that immortal he may ripen
To ever newly resurrected life.
                               ~R. Steiner

Read more on Why Waldorf Works



Waldorf Choral Society honors George Rose
George V. Rose concluded a five-decade career as founder and conductor of the Waldorf Choral Society, with a brilliant performance of Mozart's Requiem at the Cathedral of the Incarnation on Long Island, NY, on Sunday, December 8. Orchestra and soloists performed with the choir, which was supplemented by the return of many former members and family who wanted to support Mr. Rose's final appearance as conductor. Afterward, a reception was held in his honor at the Waldorf School of Garden City, where he was for many years the music director and faculty chair. The prestigious Waldorf Choral Society first began rehearsals in the fall of 1964 and held its inaugural concert in February 1965. Also during his career, Mr. Rose conducted at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall and directed choral music for ABCTV. He was a leader in the movement to use original Baroque instruments when performing early music.

Read more on Garden City News.




Event details, including contact information, can be found on the Events page of the Why Waldorf Works website. Please send us your events so we can include them in our calendar. 


January 25, 2014: El Sobrante, CA

Visiting Day Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training

Hosted by East Bay Waldorf School


February 14-15, 2014: Richmond, VA

The Pedagogical Section Council of North America and the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America present a conference on

"The Challenge of Working as a College of Teachers" presented by Elan Leibner and Roberto Trostli. The conference addresses the question: "How do we develop our spiritual work as colleagues?"

Hosted by Richmond Waldorf School


February 15-17, 2014: Cuernavaca, Mexico

AWSNA Tex/Mex/Can/SW/Rock Regional Delegates Conference

Hosted by Escuela Waldorf de Cuernavaca


February 15-17, 2014: Honolulu, HI

The Honolulu Waldorf School will host a teachers conference and welcomes Michael D'Aleo as the keynote speaker on "Developing Living Thinking - Science and Art in Waldorf Education."

Hosted by Honolulu Waldorf School


February 20-22, 2014: Detroit, MI

AWSNA Great Lakes Regional Conference 

Hosted by Detroit Waldorf School


February 20 - 22, 2014: San Rafael, CA

The Fifth New Impulse Conference

Three Dentitions: What educators in early childhood, elementary grades, and high school can learn from one another. A three day conference with Diane David, Susan Johnson, Douglas Gerwin and Dale Robinson.

Presented by Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training at Marin Waldorf School.


February 28, 2014: Marietta, PA

AWSNA Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 

Hosted by Susquehanna Waldorf School


March 13-14, 2014: Baltimore, MD

AWSNA Southeast Regional Delegates Conference

Hosted by the Baltimore Waldorf School


March 14 - 15, 2014: Phoenixville, PA

Stepping Stones to Social Entrepreneurship Young Social Entrepreneurs Conference

2014 Keynote Speaker:  Don Shaffer, President of RSF Social Finance

~ Grow a sustainable & profitable business

~ Network for advisors, partners and investors

~ Learn how to successfully pitch your business idea

~ Get inspired to dream and create something that changes the world!

Co-organized by Triskeles and Kimberton Waldorf School


March 21, 2014: Freeport, ME

AWSNA Northeast / Québec Regional Delegates Meeting

"Imagination, Courage and Responsibility: Finding the Strength to Teach"

The keynote speaker is Florian Osswald, Co-leader of the Pedagogical Section in Dornach. We will explore themes such as: 'What are the challenges that stress us as teachers and administrators?' and 'How can we find renewal and strengthen ourselves for our task?'

Hosted by Merriconeag Waldorf School


June 23-26, 2014: Hadley, MA

The AWSNA Summer Conference will be held June 23- June 26, 2014 at Hartsbrook School. The theme for this year is "Cultivating Humanness within a Technological World" featuring keynote speaker, Craig Holdrege, Ph.D., Director and Senior Researcher, Nature Institute.


Please inform your communities and mark your calendars!


You are welcome to send Waldorf-related events for posting on our web site.

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