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An article in Scientific American describes studies that show how people understand and remember text that's written on paper better than they do texts that are on a screen. It's possible, according to researchers, that screens may inhibit comprehension by preventing people from intuitively navigating and mentally mapping long texts. It's also been determined that screens are more cognitively and physically taxing on brains than paper. Scrolling demands constant conscious effort, and LCD screens on tablets and laptops can strain the eyes and cause headaches by shining light directly on people 's faces. This is a fascinating article that, once again, exhibits why Waldorf Education, which advocates writing with crayons, pencils, and pens on real paper, makes a long-term difference in the lives of students. 


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Charlottesville School Receives Grant from
Bama Works Fund


The Charlottesville Waldorf School has received a $5,000 grant from the Bama Works Fund, enabling the school to purchase classroom furniture, including 36 ergonomically correct chairs for the school's three orchestras and two choirs. "Our students enjoy music classes, and these special chairs will enable them to be well-supported physically, which is important because a healthy posture sets up children to make the most of their musical gifts," said CWS orchestra teacher, Emily Rosson.


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Highland Hall Waldorf School Announces Second Year of "Students of Excellence Merit Scholarship Program for Low-Income Families"


Highland Hall Waldorf School is offering its "Students of Excellence Merit Scholarship Program for Low-Income Families" for the second year. Once again the program will award full high school tuition scholarships to five students entering the ninth grade in 2014 whose family economic circumstances would otherwise prevent them from applying to the school. These students demonstrate high achievement in Academics, Music, Arts, Leadership / Community Service, and / or Athletics. Applications are due January 31, 2014.

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Please send us your school's employment openings. Submissions should include AWSNA member school or institute name, position that is open, and contact information (email address, phone number, web link to your school). Your job listing will be up for three months or until you inform us that the post has been filled. And let us know so that we can include the information in our "People" section! The Why Waldorf Works People section shares news about PEOPLE in your community. Submissions should include name, AWSNA member school /work affiliation, brief news and pertinent link. 


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Event details, including contact information, can be found on the Events page of the Why Waldorf Works website. Please send us your events so we can include them in our calendar. 


December 20, 2013: San Francisco, CA

Holiday Alumni & Family Reunion at San Francisco Waldorf High School
Hors d'oeuvres, Wine, Beer  Co-hosted by AWSNA - All Waldorf alumni welcome


January 25, 2014: El Sobrante, CA

Visiting Day Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training


February 14-15, 2014: Richmond, VA

The Pedagogical Section Council of North America and the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America present a conference on

The Challenge of Working as a College of Teachers presented by Elan Leibner and Roberto Trostli. The conference addresses the question: "How do we develop our spiritual work as colleagues?"


February 15-17, 2014: Honolulu, HI

Teachers Conference and Delegates Meeting, with Michael D'Aleo as keynote speaker.


February 15-17, 2014: Cuernavaca, Mexico

AWSNA Tex/Mex/Can/SW/Rock Regional Delegates Conference hosted by Escuela Waldorf de Cuernavaca


February 20-22, 2014: Detroit, MI

AWSNA Great Lakes Regional Conference 


February 28, 2014: Marietta, PA

AWSNA Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 


March 13-14, 2014: Baltimore, MD

AWSNA Southeast Regional Conference


June 23-26, 2014: Hadley, MA

The AWSNA Summer Conference will be held June 23- June 26, 2014 at Hartsbrook School. The theme for this year is "Cultivating Humanness within a Technological World" featuring keynote speaker, Craig Holdrege, Ph.D., Director and Senior Researcher, Nature Institute. Please inform your communities and mark your calendars!


You are welcome to send Waldorf-related events for posting on our web site.

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