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The June conference was inspiring and provided us with a wonderful opportunity to meet many of you. We look forward to this new chapter in AWSNA's history and invite you to share in our enthusiasm for what lies ahead. 

We now have finalized office locations and contact information. This information is available on the AWSNA website and it is also provided below for your convenience.Please note that the office move-in date for Beverly and Melanie is August 1.

On behalf of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America, we wish to express our profound gratefulness for the work of Patrice Maynard and Frances Kane. Our schools and training institutes have been most fortunate to be the recipients of their steadfast and dedicated leadership over the past eight years. 

Warm regards, 

Beverly Amico
Leader of Outreach & Development

  Good News for Waldorf Education:

New Waldorf High School July 2013 4
to Open in Central Vermont


Beginning this September, a new Waldorf high school will open in central Vermont at the Stokes Building on the Goddard College campus in Plainfield. For the past two years, a group of parents and educators have been making preparations for what is currently being called the Central Vermont High School Initiative. Read more on Why Waldorf Works.  






July 2013 3 A Historic Year for Fledgling  

Waldorf High School

Congratulations to the Monadnock Waldorf School for completing its first-ever high school graduation ceremony! Read more on Why Waldorf Works.



  July 2013 1 A Waldorf School Initiative

Set to Open in Cleveland Heights

A determined group of Cleveland Heights parents who have long sought a creative educational experience for their childrenare opening Cleveland's first-ever Waldorf school. Read more on Why Waldorf Works.  




Student and Alumni News:  


Spring Garden Waldorf School Student Wins National Rubber Band Contest 

Zack Tarle, a seventh grader at Spring Garden Waldorf School, won The University of Akron (UA) annual Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventors. He received $2,500 for first place in the Arts and Leisure Division for his board game Spyder, a marble game for all ages. Read more on Why Waldorf Works.    


Two Great Videos:


The Denver Waldorf School is featured in a local news broadcast about technology and young children  

Here's another video worth watching: This one features Laurie Clark, Judy Lucas, and Dr Gary Small, a brain researcher from UCLA.



Educating Children for Tomorrow:

Jack Petrash at TEDxRockCreekPark 

In case you missed it: do try to watch this excellent TED Talk that features Jack Petrash from the Washington Waldorf School in Bethesda, Maryland, speaking about Waldorf Education from the perspective of his 40 years of teaching.


Read more on Why Waldorf Works.





Event details, including contact information, can be found on the Events page of the Why Waldorf Works website. Please send us your events so we can include them in our calendar.  


August 19-21, 2013: Costa Mesa, CA

Back to School Conference with Christof Wiechert

Waldorf School of Orange County  


Waldorf One World day September 26, 2013

This is a day shaped by your commitment: you support other children and teenagers in Waldorf initiatives around the globe. Together as a class or school, find a great idea that will enable you to raise money and inspire people. Waldorf One World - it is all about doing something good for the world!


Please inform your communities and mark your calendars!


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You are welcome to send Waldorf-related events for posting on our web site.

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AWSNA provides leadership to schools by facilitating resources, networks and research as they strive towards excellence and build healthy school communities. The Association performs functions that its member schools and institutes could not do alone, including:
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Questions please contact Kirin at webeditor@awsna.org or an AWSNA executive team member:

Leader of Administration: David Owen-Cruise
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Leader of Outreach and Development: Beverly Amico
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Leader of Programs and Activities: Melanie Reiser

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