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Please join other Waldorf alumni, their families, and faculty and staff for the Bay Area Waldorf Alumni Holiday Reunion on Monday, December 21, from 7:00 - 10:30 pm. The reunion will take place at San Francisco Waldorf High School, 470 West Portal Avenue, San Francisco.


Come for conversation, hors d'oeuvres, beer, and wine! Please RSVP so we can order appropriate quantities of food and drink.


SF Waldorf Alums    


Hosted and sponsored by the San Francisco Waldorf School 

and sponsored in part by AWSNA.


RSVP & information: Facebook, at


or events@sfwaldorf.org.



When: Friday, December 21, 2012, 7-10:30
Where: San Francisco Waldorf High School, 470 West Portal, SF, CA 94127
Who: Waldorf alumni, alumni parents, faculty & staff, friends of Waldorf
18+ for attendance; 21+ for beer and wine (ID required) 

With warm regards and best wishes for your Thanksgiving holiday,


Patrice Maynard and Frances Kane

AWSNA Leadership 

Social Entrepreneurship Conference
for High School and College Students

Kimberton Waldorf School and Triskeles will host "The Time is Now: Doing Well by Doing Good," their first Social Entrepreneurship Conference for high school and college students on Friday night and Saturday, February 1-2nd, 2013. Students at local public and private high schools and colleges, as well as a number of other Waldorf schools, will be invited to participate. "We all know many young people who want to change their world for the better and who are ready to put their skills, passion, and energies into new creative ventures. This is a great opportunity for youth to take part in something that teaches them and touches their hearts and gives them hope for the future," Mark Birdsall, of Triskeles explained.

Those interested in participating are invited to visit the event Facebook page: www.facebook.com/doingwellxdoinggood.


Technology Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say


According to this article in the New York Times, there is a widespread belief among teachers that students' constant use of digital technology is hampering their attention spans and ability to persevere in the face of challenging tasks, according to two surveys of teachers. 


Read more on Why Waldorf Works.  

The Cognitive Benefits of Being Bilingual 

 The Dana Foundation is a private philanthropic organization that supports brain research through grants, publications, and educational programs. A recent presentation concerns the effect of language on developing brains:"Today, more of the world's population is bilingual or multilingual than monolingual. In addition to facilitating cross-cultural communication, this trend also positively affects cognitive abilities. Researchers have shown that the bilingual brain can have better attention and task-switching capacities than the monolingual brain, thanks to its developed ability to inhibit one language while using another. In addition, bilingualism has positive effects at both ends of the age spectrum: Bilingual children as young as seven months can better adjust to environmental changes, while bilingual seniors can experience less cognitive decline."


Read the article by going to Why Waldorf Works.   

Is Nature a Cure for Bullying? 


In an article in the Huffington Post, the authors describe new research that finds bullying may be reduced or even eliminated when kids play in natural environments. 


Read more on Why Waldorf Works.


How You can Help to Further
Waldorf Education
Lakota student
We want to remind you of some ways you can further Waldorf Education in North America: Sign up to receive the enews and on the Alumni Corner on 
Why Waldorf Works to stay informed about Waldorf news; find us on Facebook; support your local Waldorf school every way you can; use GoodSearch (instead of Google) when surfing the web. You can also support AWSNA online on Why Waldorf Works. Thank you for your commitment to Waldorf Education!


Read more on Why Waldorf Works.  

Website News

We have a lot happening on the Why Waldorf Works website, including a new job postings page. Please send us your school's employment openings. Submissions should include AWSNA member school or institute name, position that is open, and contact information (email address, phone number, web link to your school). Your job listing will be up for three months or until you inform us that the post has been filled (please do let us know so that we can include the information in our "People" section!) Please send submissions to the web editor atwebeditor@awsna.org.   We also seek your Green School Pages submissions. Read school news about green ideas on the Why Waldorf Works green pages. 




Event details, including contact information, can be found on the Events page of the Why Waldorf Works website. Please send us your events so we can include them in our calendar. 


December 21, 2012: San Fancisco, CA

Waldorf Alumni Gathering in San Francisco

Hosted by the San Francisco Waldorf School


February 1-2, 2013: Phoenixville, PA

Doing Well by Doing Good - a Social Entrepreneur Conference for High School and College Students

Hosted by the Kimberton Waldorf School and organized by Triskeles


February 22 -24, 2013: Burlington, ON Canada

The Great Lakes / Ontario Regional Conference and Delegates' meetings

Meetings will be at the Halton Waldorf School


March 1, 2012: Princeton, NJ

Mid-Atlantic Regional Delegates Meeting

Hosted by the Princeton Waldorf School 


March 7-9, 2013: Chapel Hill, NC
Southeast Regional Delegates Meeting 

Hosted by Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hill, NC


March 15-16, 2013: Cotuit, MA

Northeast-Québec Delegates Meeting & Conference

Hosted by Cape Cod Waldorf School in Cotuit, MA   


April 19-21, 2013: Detroit, MI

AWSNA ALUMNI Service Weekend 2013
HEADS HANDS AND HEARTS IN DETROT! Be there and show you care!

This year the traveling Service Weekend will be at the Detroit Waldorf School in the much beset with economic woes city of Detroit. The school will get us painting, digging, wiring, carpentering (skills anyone?) and generally sprucing up the beautiful old building that houses this little Waldorf school. See the Motor City while lending a hand to a school with a long-standing special mission to serve Detroit's children of all nationalities and economic levels.

Details coming soon.


SAVE THE DATE: June 24-27, 2013

AWSNA Summer Conference  Co-Sponsored by the Anthroposophical Society

Practical Life, Meditation, and the Waldorf School: The Anthroposophical Challenge.


February 17-20, 2013: Boulder, CO

TMCSR Regional Teacher's Conference with Aonghus Gordon

Conference held at the Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder, CO


Please inform your communities and mark your calendars!


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