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Dec 2014
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Mark your calendars MN friends and supporters!  We have a fun free breakfast planned for you!  May 9th 2015 at 9 AM we will be gathering at The Metropolitan in Minneapolis for the "Hope for the Hurting Breakfast Benefit" for More than Music. Pam Lundell of KTIS will be emceeing, Tom Burton, Director of The MN Chapter Youth for Christ Juvenile Justice Ministry will be our Special Guest, and Stephanie Pauline, along other MtM Representatives, will be sharing from the heart about the work we are doing in the world and how you can be an integral part. Come out for great food, great fun and a great purpose!  

Stephanie Pauline's new radio singles are making an impact on the radio! Already picked up by 44 outlets, and according to Christian Radio Weekly reaching a total audience of an estimated 2,553,479 people.

Thank you for early station adds: 

KMTC in Russelville, AR   

KBAT in Kansas City, KA
in Gilchrist, OR  
WCNO in Palm City, FL   

WWYO in Pineville, WV

WVHO in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA  

WOGR in Charlotte, NC  

ZGBC in Roseau Dominica

KLUH-FM in Poplar Bluff, MO  

KWPB in Newport, OR 

WMVV in Atlanta, GA 

WMVW in Atlanta, GA 

WBNI in St. Thomas, CAN

CFCJ in Cochrane, ONT-CAN

WHMA FM in Hobson City, AL   

KVHU in Searcy, AR

WXML in Upper Sandusky, OH

WBMJ in Puerto Rico & The VGN ISL 

WIVV in Puerto Rico & The VGN ISL

WCGB in Puerto Rico & The VGN ISL

PHN Radio in Wintersville, OH  

WELL in Auburn, AL  

KTLF in Colorado Springs, CO 

WKBO in Harrisburg, PA 
WXAR in Memphis, TN  
KROZ-lp in Hobbs, NM
KGCE-LP/GraceRadio Modesto, CA 

WVFA in Lebanon, NH

WLRD Willard-Mansfield, OH


KRST South Elroy, IL

WFST Caribou, ME  

WHCB Brstl/Kngspt/Jhnsn Cty TN/VA

WAVL-AM Apollo, PA

WCUN MIAMI-Ft Ldrdale & Th Kys, FL 

WPYB Benson, NC



And to our friends online: 

Spirit365 in Wytheville, VG     
Spiritmix1.3 in Clearfield, IA   
Bethel Radio in Dayton, OH
RacManChristianRadio in Yreka, CA
Christmas Radio in The Netherlands 
Listen to the music here!  
More than a Story
Angels We Have Heard on High
Get your free Download of the songs HERE and purchase Stephanie Pauline's "More than a Story" CD for yourself HERE


Wilnot Mercier is a talented painter from Port-au-Prince, Haiti with ambitions to start an orphanage. More than Music is blessed to be able to help him achieve his dreams by supporting the sales of his colorful paintings. Right now there is a specific need to help him gather resources to send his adopted son to school. Please CLICK THROUGH to consider purchasing one of his beautiful works of art. 

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     By Genny Moellring


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It's so good to connect with you. See directly below for the 'Digs on the Gigs' including info about a special concert this Sunday in C/S, and other concerts coming up shortly in MN, ND, and NE. Find out all about the MtM haps in the 'Latest Press' section on the left here and just below the gigs listing. You can also view Stephanie's candid thoughts on "Offending all Equally" in the "From the Heart' section.

Thank you for taking the time to track with what we do and why do it. Here goes...
  Digs on the Gigs



Stephanie Pauline's Christmas Tour  

with Tim Collins and More than Music

You're invited to a 'Birthday Party for Jesus' Christmas Concert!

This Christmas program has developed over some years now and features a birthday party for Jesus, some fun sings along songs, traditional carols, Stephanie's own original songs, her story of redemption, and the beautiful story of Jesus miraculous birth - all woven together into a powerful experience of God's grace. Thousands now have already been moved through this experience and the More than Music team has only just begun sharing this Christmas program nationally! Come out and be a part of this powerful experience of Christmas!

Here is Stephanie Pauline's radio single from her new Christmas album, along with a music video. (It was Christian Radio Weekly's top Holiday Single last year.) - Born to Save. Here she is sharing a more classic approach to a traditional Christmas carol -  What Child is This.

Sun., Nov 30th 5:30 PM Calvary Chapel East Side 5070 Edison Ave C/S CO

The concert this Sunday is not only a Christmas Tour Kick off, but is Stephanie's Baby's Gender Reveal Party. Yep! Number 3! It's going to be a very special night. Click through HERE for all the details.
Tues., Dec 2nd Cedar Springs w/ YFC (PRIVATE) C/S CO
Sun Dec 7th Grace Lutheran Church Lexington NE
Sun Dec 14th 7 PM Plymouth Covenant Church Plymouth MN
Mon Dec 15th Prairie Lake Youth Programs w/ YFC (PRIVATE) Wilmar MN
Tues., Dec 16th 6:30PM  Christ Community Church Nisswa MN
Wed Dec 17th Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch (PRIVATE) Fargo ND
Thurs., Dec 18th Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch (PRIVATE) Bismark ND
Friday Dec 19th Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch (PRIVATE) Minot ND
Sunday Dec 21st Wildrose Alliance Church Wildrose ND (To be Determined)
Mon., Dec 22nd Pueblo Youth Corrections w/ YFC (PRIVATE) Pueblo CO
Tues., Dec 23rrd Zebulon Pike w/ Youth for Christ (PRIVATE) C/S CO     


Fri., Jan 16th Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society15504 Bradshaw Rd Peyton, CO
NV Mini Tour NV 

Feb Wyoming mini tour WY 

Feb NE Mini Tour NE 

Sat., May 9th "Hope for the Hurting Breakfast Benefit" for MtM Minneapolis, MN 

March 2015 Yobel Market Benefit Concert C/S CO

Oct 2015 Mini Tour TN, GA, KT
Dec 2015  SAFE Benefit Concert Chahalis, WA

Dec 2015 West Coast Christmas Tour WA, OR & CA 



May 2016 Youth for Christ Hope and Potential Concert C/S, CO

Oct 2016 David Wilcox w/ Stephanie Pauline to benefit MtM in St. Paul MN


Highlights and Prayers

Benefit Concert Program

  • Amanda Schroeder, More than Music's hard working Event Specialist, has been lining up benefit concerts that will be produced by More than Music for other worthy nonprofits over the next five years. We are so excited to see such amazing organizations joining forces with our own. This has long since been our goal: to use music as a means of marrying ministry with the money it needs. We are finally fulfilling that call! With $110,000 raised for amazing worthy causes through our benefit concert program since 2010, we are ecstatic to see those numbers crushed in the next couple years. Can't wait to tell you more!

Juvenile Detention Center Ministry

  • More than Music is so excited to be making inroads with the MN chapter of Youth for Christ. We have two concerts scheduled for the coming weeks in the Juvenile Detention Center MN YFC works within. (See 'Digs on Gigs' listing). It's about time we did that, eh? Yes, and with that, you can tell some us are from MN.
  • We have officially set a goal of launching the Toy Soldier 1280 Program by the Spring of 2016. This means we will have to have at least $100,000 in the bank dog eared specifically for this to adequately cover the first years' program expenses. We will then hire the needed Program Director and plant our first five Christ-based mentorship programs in juvenile detention centers that first year, six in the second, seven in the third, eight in the fourth, and ten in the fifth, reaching over 26,000 young people with a transforming message of hope and healing just in those first five years.Look for more about this and how you can help shortly!

Pray for many to come forward in support of this work. There are 1,280 juvenile detention centers across the United States. There are so many young people in need of real, healing relationship. THIS is our nation's fatherless and WE CAN HELP.

  • We have been having meetings with the US President of Youth for Christ Juvenile Justice Ministries, Eric Kelly, planning and discussing our collaboration as we move towards the Toy Soldier 1280 Program's launch. YFCJJM is ready to help us with accountability, background checks, discipleship and training for the mentors we recruit and the programs we plant. We are so thankful for their investment in this work.

Eric recently submitted this endorsement of our work:

"In the last several years, we have watched Stephanie Pauline and More than Music capture the attention of hardened young men and women inside juvenile detention centers in The US. Stephanie's willingness to share her story of overcoming domestic violence, drug abuse, and an unplanned pregnancy creates an opportunity for young people to then share their own stories. Youth for Christ Juvenile Justice Ministry is grateful for ministries like More than Music who willingly meet teens in very tough places, and we appreciate that More than Music helps organizations like ours gain further access to the hearts and minds of incarcerated teenagers. Like Johnny Cash did in his time with incarcerated adults, Stephanie Pauline and More than Music seeks to engage young people in detention centers and helps open the doors for ministries like Youth for Christ to provide ongoing programming and follow-up on the opportunities for healing created through More than Music concerts."

-Eric Kelly, National Director-Juvenile Justice Ministries  

Youth for Christ USA


Our Sending Agency Work, Music and Art   

  • This is the arm of MtM through which Stephanie Pauline does her music. This has been a big part of what has made MtM financially stable over the years as she has chosen to waive her salary as the President of MtM and even as an artist giving all music royalties and money earned to MtM to further this work.

She has been continuing her musical endeavors and has performed several concerts in a few different states the last month or so. With the recent announcement that she is due to have her third child April 15th, she is showing no signs so far of slowing down. With a robust tour schedule planned for this next month, promoting MtM and her Christmas CD, she will have several mini tours into Jan and Feb, and will be manning the growing MtM crew up till her due date and beyond. She plans to take a few months off to huddle and cuddle her wee one (while still doing some managerial work remotely) and will be back on tour, Lord willing, in the fall of 2015. 

  • MtM continues to be open to supporting missions projects and artists (music and otherwise) through our Independent Sending Agency/Missions Facilitation Work. If you have a project or mission you want to see brought to pass, perhaps it fits the heart of what we doing in the world. Tell us all about it and click here to find out more!

 From the Heart

 By Stephanie Pauline

NAIL US DOWN: Offending All Equally
Let me be clear: I am a Christ follower. I am also a curious seeker. A student of many fields. I am a mother. A wife. A friend. A daughter. An artist. A jerk. A royal jerk sometimes. ;) I am a person. I don't know if you experience your life in this way, but I often feel like I'm in a constant tug of war, but I am the rope being pulled at by all sides.

In this world people want static definitions. Pat answers. Simple ways of comprehending and sorting information. People get lumped into that mix. Who are you? Quick. In five seconds or less, let me see your credentials pasted on your chest now - sum yourself up. It is impossible. As a member of the music industry, and a widely accepted musician within the Christian music industry at that, this demand for static categories can become that much more rigid.

I hate categories. I see the need for them, but I also know inherently that as soon as you set up parameters like that, someone or something is going to slip through the cracks.

I recently had a friend and supporter step back because More than Music produced a benefit concert that did not begin and end with prayer, as some of ours do. It was a folk concert. A simple, straightforward, deep, poignant, powerful folk concert. I must say, it blessed my socks off. I loved that very concert. I loved that we had all kinds of people present, and some of them didn't, perhaps, subscribe to the same beliefs as I, yet we all held time, space, and enjoyment together. We found the common bond in this radical, mystical experience of humanity, and for a moment, striving, pain, and distraction eased and presence was felt by all. 

Just to set the record straight let me share...
More than Music is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization built on Christian principles, by definition. We have our doctrines of faith clearly listed online and you can view them and try to nail us down HERE, if you would like. Specifically, our mission is "to revolutionize the culture at large one heart at a time, until everyone on earth knows and lives the love that is in Jesus Christ." We believe in the amazing truth we have experienced from what we know of God and Jesus and what we have learned through the Bible - yes. AND we also believe in the power of the action of love moving in real time, in real tangible ways. We help people of all kinds, all beliefs, all cultures and we celebrate sharing truth and love even in bite sized pieces; in a coat given to a cold man, a tree planted in Kenya, a free meal, given with joy, to a family in need in Georgia, or even imbuing others with hope and courage by the simple radiance of a truly kind gaze. We have faith for that kind of giving. It doesn't always have to be grand, or even cloaked in commonly Christian frameworks, to hold sway with us. We believe the fruit speaks for itself, and that all truth and love comes from God.

I, personally, have been known to joke that I have a very inclusive approach to spirituality: I equally value offending Christians and non Christians alike. LOL. Now, don't worry, that is just said in jest. I actually, in general, hate offending others, but I have found sometimes it is absolutely necessary, as sometimes people are offended simply by your being whatever it is you are. Either it is too this, or too that, or not enough of this, or not quite what was expected. If your conscience is clear - and you are following faith, then really, what does that matter at all? It doesn't.

So here's the deal; please don't make me any one thing. I am an artist and I work for and with MtM, but my art transcends boundaries, as all art should. And please, don't unduly limit More than Music. We will do our very best to uphold the principles upon which we were founded, and clearly not do anything to hinder that deeper purpose. That said, let us be humans running this organization, please. And let us meet humanity just as it is. We believe the power to share love happens there.

If you want our credentials pasted like a badge on our chests, don't be surprised if we laugh and point out our weaknesses. We believe that in them, Christ is strong, and that is enough for us. If you want to categorize us, consider the one we are doing our best to follow: Jesus...

A man, yet deity. A friend, yet brutally honest. A healing hand, then turning over tables. A preacher, a teacher, a speaker, yet who, like a lamb to the slaughter, was silent when pressed. A loyal son looking out for his mother in His death, yet previously, one who boldly proclaimed - "Who are my mother and brothers?" when the same doubted him. A man who called down religious leaders, then saved a prostitute from death. Who directly called sinners to righteousness, was condemned by the so called "righteous"  of his day, and was accused of being a glutton Himself. He was never quite what was expected of him, now was he?

And when you next try to nail us down, don't be surprised when it doesn't hold. You know what happened when they tried to nail Jesus down, don't you?

Jesus said to them, "Does this offend you? The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you - they are full of the Spirit and life. "           ~ John 6:61b, 63 

In Closing

Thank you for enabling this work that has always been, and will always be about so much More than Music. 


Love to you all, 



Stephanie Pauline & The More than Music Team 
More than Music Inc.


Booking and Promotions:

Benefit Concert Specialist: Amanda Schroeder  

PR Manager:  Kathy Morford

Admin and Treasurer: Genny Moellring
Editor and Musician: Tim Collins

PO Box 31 Farmington MN 55025 
MAIN LINE 719.258.8977 
In the past five years, More than Music
has sponsored over 75 free concerts in correctional and treatment facilities,
has supported social service ministries through benefit concerts;
raising over $110,000 for worthy causes since 2010, and
has served as an independent sending agency for like-hearted
musicians, artists, and missions projects.
Through this work, and out shared art and multimedia, ministries have been strengthened,
millions have heard a message of hope and forgiveness,
and lives have been transformed by Christ.