Gabriel held the acorn carefully, bringing it up to his eyes for closer inspection. His camp counselor asked the group, "What does the acorn feel like?" With a wide smile Gabriel exclaimed, "It's like I'm holding a whole tree in my hand!"

Sometimes it takes the wisdom of a four-year-old to remind us of what the San Joaquin River Parkway is about. It's a vision for protecting land, saving natural places, and planting seeds of discovery in the next generation. 

Are you a visionary? Today you have the chance to help advance the effort for creating and protecting the San Joaquin River Parkway. Your special donation will support:

  • Land conservation projects 
  • Environmental education programs 
  • Public planning efforts for new trails and public access to the San Joaquin River

Click here to read the fall letter. Click here to learn more about the work to create and protect the San Joaquin River Parkway. 

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