River Parkway Trust Executive Director to Step Down - Koehler's Departure Planned for June 30, 2015, as Trust Seeks Successor

FRESNO, CA - The San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust announced today that Dave Koehler, Executive Director, will be stepping down from his position June 30, 2015.  For the past twenty-five years, Koehler has guided the Trust through planning and establishment of the Parkway.   


Under Koehler's leadership, the Trust has completed 18 land transactions conserving more than 2,800 acres, implemented the Parkway's Lewis S. Eaton Trail system, established a regional river education program, restored and repurposed a historic ranch to the Coke Hallowell Center for River Studies, and formed the San Joaquin River Partnership, a non-profit collaborative of fifteen organizations. 

"We are sorry to see Dave leave us," said Coke Hallowell, Chairman of the Trust's Board of Directors, "his work has developed a strong organization for our community that we're proud of and we will continue to build on that."  George Folsom, President of the Board of Directors said the Trust's Board will oversee a local and national search for the next Executive Director.  "We are committed to continuing the work that Dave, our great staff, and volunteers have accomplished and will identify an innovative leader who will advance us in the evolution of the San Joaquin River Parkway," Folsom said.


For the next several months, Koehler will be supporting the efforts of the Board of Directors and staff as the Trust seeks a successor.  "It's been a privilege to serve as the Trust's Executive Director, I love my job and together we have accomplished a great deal over these past many years.  Now, the Trust is well-positioned for a leadership transition and its good timing for me to help make this change."  Koehler's future plans are to draw upon his experience and look for a new role in the field of community and conservation advancement. 



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