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April 25, 2017
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Factory Trained 
Did you know that Titan Power Field Service Technicians are factory trained and certified on the following equipment:

Let our expert Field Service team maintain your backup power equipment. 

Call us today at 800-509-6170 to schedule a service visit for your facility.
Power Outages - a threat to business operations
Most of us take the power in our homes and offices for granted. We carry on about our day - plugging in our devices, working on our desktops and never thinking about the power that comes in to our homes and offices. Until suddenly - the power goes out and everything from overhead lighting to the refrigerator shuts off. In the workplace, this can lead to damaging consequences - everything from employee downtime, to loss of power for critical medical equipment or sensitive financial transactions.

Don't let this happen to your business!

Contact Titan Power for a free evaluation and a customized solution for your business. Keep your employees productive and your business up and running with an emergency backup power system. 
Strange but true reasons for power outages!
What are some of the common reasons that the power can falter or go out? This month's e-newsletter explores some common threats to the system: 

Wildlife - squirrels, raccoons and other animals can chew through a wire

Birds - a bird flying into a power line can cause a short circuit

Burglars - thieves can steal copper 

Collisions - car accidents can hit and knock down a utility pole

Balloons - mylar and helium balloons can drift into power lines

Faulty Equipment - electrical equipment can simply fail due to weak wiring or other malfunctions

Blown Fuse -  blown fuses at a substation transformer

Storms - hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning strikes, monsoons and other heavy weather can knock out power poles, damage transmission poles and/or substations and generally wreak havoc with the electrical grid

Firefires can trip major transmission lines causing outages

Flooding - flooding can damage electrical infrastructure and make it difficult for repair crews to access the affected area

Planned Outage - utilities can conduct a planned outage for repairs or upgrades. Also, when a state of emergency is declared due to extreme weather conditions, power can be intentionally cut off as a safety measure.

All of these threats can cause utility power to sag, surge or fail. An emergency backup power system will ensure that your power stays on. Contact Titan Power today for a free consultation for your facility. 

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Visit our blog
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