"We must have been spying on them," I said to my sister as we recalled a Christmas Eve decades ago. Somehow, we'd known our parents were erecting a new dollhouse to give us the next morning. Our folks continued working late into the night, while we girls launched into bed before Santa arrived.
In our excitement on Christmas morning, my sister and I arose at 4:30 AM. Scrambling past our parents' bedroom door, we woke them. Our bleary-eyed mother, one of the most patient people ever, tromped downstairs and told us to go back to bed.
My sister and I played with that dollhouse for years. I wish I'd hung on to it to give to our granddaughter. But you just can't save everything, can you? Except memories. I cherish my childhood recollections and cling to the good ones. Only the good ones. Like blowing snowflakes off my hand, I discard bad memories that only melt me into slush.
Of the many pleasant memories from this past year, I think of you, my dear reader, and I'm grateful. Thank you for your encouragement and support. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours! 

Best Wishes,
Kate Lloyd