Dear friend,  

I hope you're doing well as we usher in a new season!
I'm not sure I'm ready for summer to slump to a close. I resist change, but notice fun hints of fall: crispness in the morning air and a blush of crimson on the maples. Summer is shifting into fall attire, ushering in autumn. October is just around the corner, meaning a trip to Lancaster County, PA, floats in my future!
Is half the fun of a trip in the planning? I have plenty to keep me busy as I await our mid-October journey to Pennsylvania. My husband and I celebrate our anniversary there every year.
Didn't I strike gold when I married a man who enjoys zigzagging the back roads of Lancaster County as much as I do? With him behind the wheel, I may take photos, always careful to avoid Amish faces. He generously pulls off to the side so we can get out and breathe in the fragrances of Lancaster County's drying leaves and cornhusks, and the heady farmland aromas.
Didn't I also strike gold when I married a man with gracious relatives for us to stay with in Lancaster County? With all the friends and acquaintances to visit I wish we had three weeks, but my husband's small business depends on his presence. Researching the Amish cannot be accomplished over the Internet. No fast-forward button in the Amish country. I relish the relationships I've developed over the years.
You might be wondering if I'm still writing. The answer is Yes! I'm learning the art of patience as I await a contract for my latest manuscript. I'll keep you updated.

Warm wishes,

Kate Lloyd
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