Dear friend,  


Summer has arrived!


Promise not to laugh? We here in the Puget Sound had the warmest June in history. Average daytime temperature: a mere 78.8. The 90s barged in the last few weeks, hovering over the area and making people miserable. Having lived in CT and NJ, I find the 90s with low humidity comfortable. Especially since we just got our new AC installed. Imagine, we've lived in this home for 29+ years without it. My husband got the brilliant idea last month. Now, I'm spoiled.


July 4th in a few days! Time for celebration that we live in a country where freedom abounds. Happy Canada Day to my friends to the north, where my father was born after his parents emigrated from Scotland. He proudly became an American citizen when I was a child, a ceremony I shall never forget.


I fly our flag every day of the year, unless it's raining or too windy. No rain this year on the 4th, as we've endured many a time. The poor Fire Department must work overtime that day. I recall the night our aunt and uncle came home from our beach cabin to find firemen had entered their house while putting out a roof fire.


Any pyrotechs in your family? I'm married to one. At our cabin, my husband's elaborate fireworks display lasts over two hours. The neighbors love it. Me? Not so much because of the noise. I prefer watching the brilliant displays from a distance.


When pondering summer I envision a lazy stretch of time to spend writing, in the garden, and at the beach. Even when hot, Puget Sound's gentle breeze usually keeps the air moving. I love the feel of sand between my toes when the tide's out and inhaling the aroma of salt water. And barbeques. Yum! And spending time with family.


My routine every morning is to get up and scribble out something by hand in a notebook, no matter how paltry. My day isn't complete unless I've written. Journaling is my favorite start of the day.


Am I writing a new Amish novel? Yes! I'm done and looking for the right publisher. I adore my new characters and can't wait for you to meet them! 


In the meantime, I'll continue to blog and host Giveaways! I just ordered new goodies from Lancaster County, PA, that I think you'll like!


Wishing you a fabulous summer,


Kate Lloyd


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