Creative Endeavors



I hope this note finds you having fun as springtime ambles toward summer.


Working on a new project? I encourage you in your creative endeavors, be they in your garden, kitchen, or sewing room. I admit I'm jealous of quilters. If there were forty-eight hours in the day, I'd try every craft.


Are any of you photographers?


"Why do you use so many photos?" a woman recently asked me. It's true, I rarely post on Facebook, Pinterest, or my Blog without using one of my own photos. My alternative to a picture album?


I took photography classes in college, back in the stone-age days of 35mm cameras, darkrooms, developing film and printing using noxious concoctions. The whole process was an arduous chore before the invention of the digital camera, although I have friends who still use the technique.


I hate change. At first, I resisted setting aside my 35mm cameras. Silly me. Now my digital cameras are my buddies. Second to my laptop.


Would I give up writing in favor of photography? Never!


While walking, gardening, or driving, my mind toys with ideas, and creates plots and characters. If I spot something beautiful or quirky, I capture it with my camera. The images come in handy and put a smile on my face. Photos taken in Lancaster County, or anywhere, transport me back to the location in a flash. Fodder for future writing. Always, my mind circles back to my writing.


I enjoy seeing my friends' photos, especially of their creative projects. If I could only venture into their kitchens to sample dessert!



Warm wishes,

Kate Lloyd


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