Spring's Around the Corner?

Dear friend,  


I notice a smidgeon more light this morning! And a robin is chirping. 


Have you seen the first signs of spring or are you still shoveling snow? I hope your pre-spring is off to a good start, be it cloudy or sunshiny, snowing or rainy. For those of you still shoveling snow, send it our way. A warm deluge of rain is melting our precious snowpack in the mountains, next year's water for our yards. For those of you who are basking in sunshine, enjoy! I'll try not to be jealous.


According to the PA groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, we're in for another stretch of winter. No matter, spring can be fickle and pays little attention to furry critters or our wishes. I always enjoy the transitions of the year, but it's hard to tell around here, what with all this rain. I get this roller coaster feeling as if time's moving too quickly. Valentine's Day is approaching and I haven't bought a card for my husband yet.


The first official day of spring is March 20, only a month away. I look forward to daffodils and tulips. Mostly growing in other people's yards.


May I offer you a gift? A Forever Amish Bookmark, free to anyone who sends me a standard-size stamped self addressed envelope. (4" by 9 & 1/2") Also, to the first 100 people to respond, an author signed bookplate. Please let me know if you'd like your name included on the bookplate. I hope you like them as they are brand new, but I have a limited quantity.


Send envelopes to:

Kate Lloyd

2301 NE Blakeley St.


Seattle, WA 98105


Speaking of gifts, be sure to check my blog next week. An extremely cute Amish doll named Susie awaits the lucky winner!


Warm wishes,

Kate Lloyd


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